The “incorruptible” prime minister of the Song Dynasty had a bowl of soup for breakfast every day, for which the cook had to kill 100 chickens

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Song Dynasty is an epoch-making dynasty in Chinese history. It not only succeeded the five Dynasties and ten States and ended the state of national disintegration, but also formed a relatively perfect legal system for the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties to emulate.However, the prosperity of the country can not be separated from the emperor’s civil and military officials, the most important of which is the prime minister of this one person above ten thousand officials.During the Song Dynasty, the emperors made great efforts to govern the country. There were also many prime ministers who gave advice to the country, including Zhao Pu and Kou Zhun, who were known as the half analects of Confucius.Today we are going to talk about the hero Lv Mengzheng fame is not two people under, only known as the official he, every morning to kill 100 chickens to drink chicken tongue soup, this luxurious life is why?Lv meng is way of choose and employ persons during the reign of feudal emperors, needless to say who is the father the son, the son of emperor sun hereditary, even the position of the nobility of cronyism, people use a word the top also never to describe, but in effect at the time of emperor taizong of song dynasty, the emperor song zhenzong lv meng is is a masterpiece of rose from the birth of your son.It was precisely because he had joined the government from the poor that he knew how difficult it was to select talents, so Lv Meng, who had become more and more official, also made a lot of efforts to discover and collect local talents.At the time of listening to the report of the local officials, they also asked the local authorities to collect and report the talents with different abilities in the areas under their charge, and call them in time for emergencies in the north.It can be said that in the feudal age of traditional autocracy, Lv Mengzheng’s action not only reflected the advanced nature of his thoughts, but also reserved a large number of talents for the future development of the country in the dark. It can be said that he killed two birds with one stone.However, Lv mengzheng, who always paid too much attention to the development of useful talents for the country, encountered many difficulties in selecting and appointing officials.One time, Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty asked the minister for a candidate to send a delegation to the Liao. As an official in charge of talents, Lv Meng naturally had the highest voice. However, he repeatedly provided candidates for Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty, which was opposed by Emperor Taizong.But determined when the person lv meng is at this point is not the emperor dragon threats to, on the contrary be counted to the emperor taizong of song dynasty was the emperor you have prejudice to this person, I’m standing in the national interest Angle to help you consider a state, which is not mixed any private feelings, as for the emperor you use that is you.Full of civil and military officials looked at these two argue red-faced atmosphere did not dare to breathe, after the retreat of the Song Taizong long sigh, sincerely said that on bearing knowledge of people I am far inferior to Meng Is ah!In the end, Lu Mengzheng’s servant did not disappoint Emperor Taizong’s hope, and completed the task of the liao mission extremely well. This person could be regarded as the recognition of Lv Mengzheng.Because Lv Meng had been admitted to the official post from a common man, most of the children of the officials in the court did not look at his life experience very much. Although lv Meng was appointed deputy prime Minister by virtue of his own efforts, the court had been arguing that his background and status was not qualified to serve.It is worth mentioning this in private. Once in the court, Lv Meng was discussing state affairs with several other ministers. Someone whispered in the back: Look at Lv Meng’s proud manner.Lv Mengzheng heard this, although the surface did not attack, but the heart is like falling into an ice cave as cold and penetrating.The good friend beside swallow not down this tone determination for Lv Meng is to find out the person of backside gossip root, tidy him up well one time, however Lv Meng is magnanimous ground expresses however let everybody not too care about the view of others, know not to know to oneself also not so important.Lv Mengzheng, who later became the prime minister, received a letter from the local people accusing Zhang Shen, the governor of Caizhou, of taking bribes and perventing the law. He immediately carried out a thorough investigation and finally collected the illicit money according to the actual situation and dismissed Zhang Shen and others.This is a good thing with great merit, but it was taken by someone with a heart to make an article.He said that Lv Meng was now taking revenge on Zhang Shen because zhang Shen had failed to demand a bribe.These words were also heard by Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty, who did not think much of them and restored Zhang Shen to his post. This was a warning to Lv Meng to cultivate his moral character behind his back.But fortunately, after the imperial court of local officials in the assessment process found That Lv Mengzheng was very aware of zhang Shen’s crimes, zhao Guangyi learned that he listened to calumny Zhang Shen at this time even reduced several levels, and especially called Lv Mengzheng into the dynasty, again worship as prime minister.Only these two heaven and hell of change, Lv Mengzheng are indifferent to it did not say a word, this may be lv Mengzheng’s wisdom as an official.The life of an honest official in the court, Lv Mengzheng was upright and upright, and recommended both the good and the good, but he had a rather frugal habit of drinking chicken tongue soup every day.According to Lv mengzheng, chicken tongues are not eaten by anyone. Making rice with these ingredients is not only waste utilization, but also the best way to fill the stomach. Why not?What Lv Meng did not know was that every day the cook had to kill more than 100 chickens just for the soup. One chicken’s tongue was so big that killing seven or eight of them was hardly enough meat, not to mention the tasteless soup.Lv Meng had been thinking that his little chicken tongue soup was all the remaining tongues of chickens slaughtered for food in the palace.One afternoon, when Lv Meng was taking a walk in the palace, he found a pile of chicken feathers in the corner of the courtyard. Confused, Lv Meng asked the servant what was the matter. The servant dared not hide it and said, “Hui, Sir, this is the chicken feathers you ate today.”Nonsense,” said Lv Meng angrily. “How can I eat so many chickens every day?”Servant said: you do not eat chicken, but every morning the chicken tongue but need at least dozens of chicken tongue to make ah.Hearing this, Lv Mengzheng went red in the face and walked out of the house without looking back. At this time, Lv Mengzheng suddenly realized that he had to spend so much food for a meal, and felt ashamed.However, from the next day, Lu mengzheng no longer had chicken tongue soup in his daily meals. On the contrary, he told his children about his own example to teach them a lesson to be thrifty and not to waste food.As the saying goes, it is not strange to know nothing, we can not simply from lv Mengzheng and chicken tongue soup this extravagant behavior simply evaluate him as a corrupt bad official, we should see more is that Lv Meng is still able to admit mistakes in time after learning the truth.The article through the ages, gains and losses are deeply known, this kind of face up to their mistakes and timely correction of the excellent character is the need for our descendants transmission learning, not to mention in other candidates for talent, for the country and the people is conscientious, never slacken, compared with the merits and wrongs of their own judgment.