“Our Winter Olympics” director Qu Qiang: heritage and new ideas

2022-05-01 0 By

The animated film “Our Winter Olympics” was released in China on February 19. A screening event was held in Shanghai recently. The director of Shanghai Fine Arts film Studio, Shu Da, zhuang Hao, Qu Qiang and characters bing Dwendun, Sun Wukong and Tutu appeared.”Our games” will be divided into several chapters, respectively by “bears” inside the small baldheaded stronger and Xiong Daxiong 2, “inhuman zai” in modern fairy, small their traditional stop motion puppet animation, Shanghai animation film studio, represented by Monkey King of the classic animation image and so on four big IP grafting, through four animated short around the Olympics,It tells stories about unity, dreams, courage and hard work.”The Beijing Winter Olympics is a great event for our country and we are very lucky to participate in this film, which is also the first animated film in the history of the Olympic Games,” said Su Da, director of Shanghai Art Film Studio, at the post-screening meeting.The film is also the result of the joint efforts of Shanghai filmmakers and animation artists. I hope the audience will like the film.Director Qu Qiang admits that he felt both excited and pressured when he received the offer because of the tight schedule.However, these classic IP images of American Film are my heroes, and it is also a tribute to the old-timers of American film Studio that they can perform the classic IP in their own way.In the movie, Sun Wukong turns into a cute fat Monkey King. Qu Qiang said frankly: “In our impression, Sun Wukong is always a flexible king image. This time we want him to appear in another form, so we think the appearance of fat Monkey King is more meaningful.Production, big ears Desmond tutu became the Monkey King’s disciple, Shanghai animation film studio director shortdial said: know tutu knows that he is a super fan of the Monkey King in this work we unite the Monkey King and Desmond tutu across time and space together, let them get mentoring happen interesting story, in addition to the interesting story, also expressed his inheritance.(Struggle utopia/text)