Folktale: Fox Woman with a thousand faces

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At the end of the Qing Dynasty, there was a scholar named Mu Rongbo in Suzhou. He was handsome and romantic, and often stayed in the land of fireworks. Many prostitutes fell in love with him because of his talent.That year autumn, wood RongBo up the mountain to play, accidentally met in the mount a talented woman called red, red piano chess calligraphy and painting master, wood RongBo and red to chat for a long time, a brief encounter, when he learned that red is a rabbit, it will bring red back home, but red wood RongBo going home later, only to find that the red xiu’s true identity.Wood rongbo father obsessed with the art of monastic, had inset a piece of eight trigram mirror on the door, tea with wood Rongbo walked to the door, that piece of eight trigram mirror suddenly issued a golden light, will play back to the original, tea instantly became a red fox.Wood rongbo see red sleeves into a fox, suddenly scared face big change, he was scared to turn and want to run, did not think of red sleeves but called him, and explained why it became human close to wood Rongbo.The original wood rongbo mountain play, casually recited a few poems, Red sleeve was wood Rongbo talent attract, it took the initiative to close to him.Tea said, she is really love wood Rongbo, this just want to be with him, tea said and become a human appearance, a pair of big eyes looking at wood Rongbo, wood Rongbo finally can not withstand the beauty temptation of tea, he knew that tea is fox woman, or from the back door will be back home.Since then, red sleeve will stay in wood rong Bo side, two people all day together, even if there is fox female company, wood Rong Bo is still dead, often linger in the fireworks, need some beautiful new face to accompany him.Wood rong Bo’s actions, provoked the tea sad, tea put forward a request to him.Red sleeve know wood rongbo is a flower heart, she will stay in wood Rongbo side, then said to wood Rongbo: “I am a hundred years of practice of fox, can be turned into anyone, if you want to see who, tell me, I can be turned into her appearance in front of you, why do you go to the fireworks spend money?”Wood rongbo heard tea said, then say the name of a flower, tea back to the room prepared for half an hour, and indeed became the appearance of the flower appeared in front of wood Rongbo, even the words and deeds are exactly the same.Wood Rongbo see this scene feel very magical, from then on, he will keep in the sleeve side, let the sleeve into a variety of beauty accompany in his side, and the sleeve is also very magical, as long as half an hour of preparation time, can become wood Rongbo heart want that beauty.That day, wood Rongbo went out to a friend’s home dinner, he heard one thing at the party, this just know what red sleeve did, wood Rongbo understand red sleeve in order to please yourself, what terrible thing to do.That day on the banquet, Wood rongbo heard a friend said that the fireworks liuxiang in the major flower leaders are dead, strange is, they are in the instant death, and they died when the face disappeared without cause.Wood rong Bo heard a friend said so, and think of red sleeves can become a variety of beauty, suddenly understand what, it seems that red sleeves will be those toadies killed, and stole their face.Wood rongbo understand the truth of the matter, feel that leave such a figure in the side is too dangerous, so he would like to get rid of tea, let her no longer evil.That night, wood rongbo home, he first drunk tea, and then carefully checked the tea room, and indeed found dozens of faces under the bed from tea, those faces are the young and beautiful roadie.Wood rongbo think more feel terrible, so he will be on the door of the gossip mirror down, directly on the body of the tea.The piece of eight diagrams mirror is wood rongbo father from a practice for many years of Taoist hands to seek, wood Rongbo will be the piece of mirror on the sleeve body, sleeve immediately changed back to the original form, but a moment of time, red sleeve into a pool of black blood disappeared.After this matter, wood rong Bo know is his lust for beauty caused by the disaster, since then he became honest, never dare to go outside to mix.Since wood rong Bo dealt with the red sleeve, the city has never happened strange, people’s life has been restored to the quiet of the past.