Bridge deck waterproof: how to do small span bridge deck waterproof?

2022-05-01 0 By

We know that the current provisions of the bridge are to do waterproof deck, but small span bridge need to do waterproof layer?What is a small span bridge? A small span bridge is a bridge with a length of about 8-30 meters.Theoretically, all Bridges need to do the waterproof layer of the bridge deck, but the actual situation will be specific analysis.In the cold area of north China, small span Bridges usually do not make special waterproof layer.The waterproofing of the bridge deck depends on the bridge deck pavement to achieve the waterproofing effect, and the materials used must be required.First of all, the material used on the bridge deck paving layer, that is, concrete, its strength grade must be higher than the concrete grade of the bridge deck, not lower than the STANDARD C40. In the construction of bridge deck paving, in order to prevent slip and reduce light reflection, the surface of the paving layer should be rough.Of course, if you want to fully ensure the waterproof effect of the bridge deck, or do the professional waterproof layer of the bridge deck is better.So in the small span bridge to do the paving layer with what type is better?This should be chosen according to local conditions.The cost of concrete pavement is relatively low, suitable for the area with relatively large traffic pressure, but his maintenance period is relatively long, and the repair in the future is also more troublesome.Asphalt concrete pavement weight is relatively light, maintenance and maintenance is more convenient, paving completed soon can be open to traffic operation.So in addition to this small span bridge will do waterproof pavement layer, what kind of bridge will use waterproof pavement layer?We in the non-frozen area of the bridge, the need to do waterproof, in addition to do the bridge deck waterproof layer, but also in the bridge deck pavement waterproof concrete as pavement layer waterproof.The requirement for concrete is the strength grade of waterproof concrete, not lower than the strength grade of bridge deck concrete.Such waterproof concrete pavement can generally not set up another surface layer, in order to prolong the service life of the bridge deck, you can lay a layer of asphalt surface as an abrasion layer in the last year.