The Perfect Partner shows you that the “you can do it, you can do it” mantra in marriage works

2022-04-30 0 By

The title of the TV drama “The Perfect Partner” seems perfect, but in fact it reveals the true meaning of marriage. The more we pursue the perfection of our partner, the farther and farther we will be from the perfect life.Just like the couple Lin Qingkun and Wu Min in the play, it seems that Lin Qingkun is responsible for all the expenses of the family, Wu Min is responsible for a series of household chores, but in fact they are contradictory.Lin Qingkun and Wu Min divorced because wu Min was fed up with Lin Qingkun’s deaf ears and a series of bullying behavior at home. For example, when Jing Jing was hospitalized for food poisoning, Wu Min sent a lot of messages to Lin Qingkun, but Lin Qingkun did not reply.In dealing with the problem of mobile phone, Lin Qingkun did not ask Wu Min’s opinion, without permission to buy a mobile phone to Wu Min, and domineer let Wu Min put the mobile phone back;Lin Qingkun in Wu Min after abortion, regardless of Wu Min’s preference and arbitrarily self-righteous to Wu Min please a nanny, the name is to take care of her, but in Wu Min seems to be monitoring her every move…….To the end even divorce agreement is in accordance with Lin Qingkun’s preferences, do not take into account wu Min’s feelings.In this marriage, although Lin Qingkun is making money for this home expenses, but Lin Qingkun did not realize that his actions do not respect Wu Min, he thinks that this home only he is paying blindly, but did not think wu Min bear what.Although Lin Qingkun is usually in his work, talking about business allocation and being well-organized, he actually lacks experience and has no way to take care of his children at home.After divorce Lin Qingkun occasionally accompany Jing Jing a night, just understand how to take the child is not easy, always pay attention to what the child is doing, wash different clothes to use what detergent and so on…….These are small things, but they all require effort.The one who makes more money is not easy indeed. In the face of the family, there is more confidence and chips, but this is not the source of happiness.Only understand tolerance, have a pair of eyes good at finding, can find the bright spot of partner, record the beauty and romance in life, that is the perfect life.