Popular flagship focus scene car, Auchan X7PLUS push fishing version, camping version models

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On October 17, 2021, Auchan X7PLUS was officially launched with the official guiding price between 7.99 yuan and 133,900 yuan. The new car redefined the flagship SUV with the leading strength of five levels. On the first day of launch, orders exceeded 3,475 units and the cumulative orders exceeded 40,000 units.Become another phenomenon explosion model.Behind the sell like hot cakes, reputation is the most powerful support users create phenomenal sales behind, is to choose the auchan X7 200000 families of word of mouth to support, they are in the age of strivers, actively strive for dream, for the family, work, return to family, release the pressure, leisure activities is the most desirable things, for this,On November 19, 2021, Changan Auchan launched the Auchan X7PLUS Fishing version and Auchan X7PLUS camping version at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The two models are set out in the use of daily life to create a scene car dedicated to users.From the “red generation” to “red when self-improvement”, every ordinary us, are writing extraordinary.To struggle for our pursuing for a better life yearning, auchan X7PLUS camping and fishing editions are partners in this process, it USES the “big five” advanced “products into the energy for the life, carrying the way we go to the distant place, with unbridled laughter we pursue beauty, we sleep easy, gently put ordinary live more poetic.It doesn’t matter if fishing and camping are the ideal way of life, but it does matter if you’re out on the road, you’re out on the road.To the mountains, to the fields, to the grassland, to the beach, Auchan X7PLUS with blue Whale new generation NE1.5T high pressure direct injection engine and blue Whale 7 speed wet dual clutch transmission, into the life of strong power.In the face of complex and changeable road conditions on the road, Auchan X7PLUS has a maximum power of 138kW and a maximum torque of 300N·m. In high-speed loop test, Auchan X7PLUS also ran a maximum speed of 214 km/h and measured 8.23s at zero acceleration. It can cope with rugged mountain roads or muddy roads after rain.Considerate intelligence: with fast and sensitive response, Xiaoou makes the car smooth no matter where you are, whether it is smooth outside the car or not, Xiaoou can provide you with a pleasant experience of smooth all the way inside the car.Starting from Auchan X7PLUS, the vehicle-vehicle chip of Changan Auchan products officially enters the 8-core era, carrying the full-scene OnStyle3.0+ intelligent vehicle-vehicle system, making the operation more smooth and the response faster.When you run on the highway, adaptive cruise, the latest fourth generation Of German continental 77GHz millimeter-wave radar system ACC driving system, for you to reduce the driving burden, make driving more relaxed and comfortable;When you wander in the beautiful scenic road, the original vehicle cloud eye rear view instrument automatically records the scenery along the way;APA5.0 one-key parking system and transparent chassis technology help you park easily when you encounter a narrow parking garage.At the same time, the auto show officially released the auchan X7PLUS “no mic karaoke” function, the same level of unique no mic karaoke, so that the whole family can enjoy singing in the car.Auchan X7PLUS specially creates a large space of scene type for users, which is 4730 mm *1870 mm *1720 mm in length, width and height, and 2786mm in wheelbase. After the second row of seats is inverted, the space of the trunk extends from 650L to 1407L.Extra luggage space, no matter how far you go camping or fishing, can be packed to accommodate your family’s needs.When trekking, a relaxing and spacious environment will make us feel relaxed and relaxed.Auchan X7PLUS has up to 140mm luxury class second row of legroom, how to sit how to sit, how to sit comfortably, even if Ge You lie down without pressure, so that the whole family can travel comfortably.Far beyond the same level of ride quality, comfortable and soft it holds you farther apart from the wide and comfortable space, Auchan X7PLUS “breathing” ergonomic comfortable seat, also escort for going to the distance.Tired from the long journey, I rest on the seat which is made of material 10-20mm thicker than that of the same class and has 20,000 microfiber leather holes. What I can touch is the soft bag design of embrace type full contact, which is comfortable at my fingertips.Walking on the road, the car space quiet largely determines the quality of the journey, auchan X7PLUS whole vehicle there are 52 comprehensive harshness (NVH) damping noise reduction processing, idle 37 db breathing level quiet space, equipped with in the luxury car can even see a 3.96 mm of three layers of glass mute structure, even in the howling highway, whether listening to music,Or children watching cartoons, can completely feel the noise outside the car, so that the whole family can get a pleasant driving experience.Car owners as consultants, for changan Auchan praise.At the Guangzhou Auto Show, there are 9 owners from Guangzhou area came to the scene to explain consultants and 2 network red owners live, to witness the popular power of Changan Auchan X7PLUS.Changan Auchan owners change the identity to become the guangzhou Auto show Auchan booth consultants, is the best witness of the user reputation, they took the trouble to introduce products to more people in the booth, in favor of these owners at the same time, but also for Changan Auchan praise.The appearance that these car owners support the brand and are willing to recommend their products to more people is the support behind the maintenance of customer relationship, product quality and brand growth of Changan Auchan.Indeed, changan auchan automobile has been adhering to the “take the customer as the leading” business philosophy, the brand was founded more than three years, changan auchan car in brand, marketing, services, content, community and ecosystem and so on six big plate are realized with the user to create a symbiotic, also has been committed to build an open platform for the user, realize the creating, sharing and growing together!This time, users actively participate in the on-site activities of the auto show, on the one hand, to share their eyes of Auchan brand, on the other hand, from their own perspective, through the way of communication and communication like family members, to bring more users real car purchasing experience.No pompous, no affectation, truly to meet the driving force of customers to buy cars, let them make the most correct choice, rather than a temporary impulse to buy cars.Write in the end: standing in the user’s life and love of the scene, is the best positioning of a car.Auchan X7PLUS Fishing edition, Auchan X7PLUS camping edition is also the best interpretation of the concept of “customer oriented” and “boost users to achieve a better life”.Auchan has been carrying out its commitment of bringing better products and services to consumers, and making cars truly integrate into life and customers’ car use scenes. This is the trend of segmentation of the future automobile market, and Auchan has undoubtedly been moving in this direction