Legend of Zhen Huan: In order to protect the child’s life, Mei Zhuang sets up three lines of defense!Zhen Huan was surprised!

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In the legend of Zhen Huan, Shen Meizhuang loves chrysanthemums and has pride.When the discovery of the emperor’s true face, she will fade out of the harem, do not fight not rob, also do not serve.Even when the emperor came to her, she did not look well.A clean stream in the harem indeed!Can be such a clear flow, after a night of indulgence, pregnant with the early children.In order to save the child, Mei Zhuang can only take refuge in the emperor!Later meizhuang blood collapse dystocia, the most at ease is their children.Mei Zhuang in the early days, has been planning for the children.The first is to take the emperor’s bracelet every day, this bracelet represents the emperor’s old friendship, but also represents the emperor’s apology.If the emperor sees the bracelet, he will know that he has been in love all these years and will be kind to his daughter.Second, Mei Zhuang takes the initiative to break the story with Zhen Huan and asks her, “Have you been happy all these years?”Actually is to tell her: I know you and fruit county king’s friendship, I and wen Shi chu is also so.So I want to protect the secret together with Zhen Huan!Be kind to each other, children!Shen Mei zhuang has been filial piety queen Mother, queen mother nature also become the child’s survival charm.With the emperor, Zhen Huan and the empress Dowager, Mei Zhuang will be able to die in peace.