Firewall first for 22 consecutive years, tianrongxin highlights the market leader in China’s network security hardware

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, the international authority IDC officially released the fourth quarter of 2021 China IT security hardware market tracking report, tianrongxin firewall products to 22.5% of the market share again ranked the top.At this point, tianrongxin firewall has been ranked first in the market for 22 consecutive years, while VPN and IDP product market share is also among the best, with absolute advantages continue to lead the Chinese network security hardware market.China’s IT security hardware market reached $3.77 billion in 2021, according to IDC.Among them, the firewall based on UTM platform has the largest market size, with a market size of nearly 1.22 billion DOLLARS. Tianrongxin Firewall ranks first with 22.5% market share.The total market share of Firewall products (including UTM Firewall, UTM and Traditional Firewall) also ranks the first.Entered the stage of “double innovation” in the digital transformation of today, with cloud computing, big data, social networking and mobile technology as a representative of the third party platform technology is widely used, great changes have taken place in the IT infrastructure, and gradually in the direction of diversification and automation, large scale development, the traditional passive safety defense system has failed,Intelligent active security defense system has become the main force of current network construction.Facing the construction of network security defense system in the digital era, the firewall is no longer a “lone” network security product, but is evolving into a technology ecological platform facing the security in the digital era.Tianrongxin next generation firewall as the core, combined with IDS, APT, EDR, DLP, antivirus gateway, WAF, vulnerability scan, database audit and other network security components of the perception ability, intelligent linkage to achieve integrated intelligent detection.At the same time, it collaborates and shares with big data platform and threat intelligence system, thus forming efficient global automation strategy orchestration and real-time response, providing real-time and global “zero” dead corner protection solutions for customer networks.During the “14th Five-year Plan” period, all industries have entered the high-speed development stage of digital transformation, and new technologies, new directions and new scenarios continue to emerge. As the founder of the first independent intellectual property firewall in China, Tianrongxin continues to lead the development of network security protection technology.Precipitation, continuous innovation, based on the abundant technical research and development ability, and on how to understand and grasp the depth of the industry demand and trends, day melts faith gradually launched a firewall, the firewall, firewall, industrial automation business secret firewall, firewall 5 g, financial firewall series special firewall products, such as the depth of the integration of industry and scenario-based requirements,And tianrongxin IDS, APT, situational awareness, EDR and other series of security products to form three-dimensional security defense overall solution, for the digital transformation of all industries to build a security fortress.IDC expects China’s investment in the cybersecurity industry to increase further.For network security hardware manufacturers, in the face of new opportunities, grasp the new demand, improve product function performance, pay attention to the supply chain situation, actively carry out business reserves, adjust business promotion strategy will become crucial.As a leading provider of network security, big data and cloud services in China, Tianrongxin has always taken safeguarding national cyberspace security as its own responsibility since its establishment 26 years ago, adhering to core technology research and exploring forward between attack and defense.Actively practicing new direction and new business, new area development strategy, the advantages of the firewall products and business continues to lead at the same time, in data security, cloud computing, cloud, big data, industrial safety of Internet, new directions, new scenarios such as car networking also from success, according to results letters, 2021 new directions, new scene income rose by about 55%.Independent innovation is day melt letter of genes, the concept of open fusion is day melt letter, day letter will continue to revolve around the whole product series, the whole business direction, the industry development goals of marketing, the whole area developing, new technology, new direction and new scene, focusing on industry needs of customers, continue to launch innovative products, solutions and services, insist to do customer consistent safety guardian.