Beautiful border town livable Xiushan

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Cuicui Xiushan client information by xiushan County people’s Government “stage”, brand real estate enterprise “play” xiushan County spring 2022 online real estate exhibition fair will be held from February 8 to April 8.This housing fair is sponsored by the People’s government of Xiushan County, chongqing Real estate Development Association and Xiushan County Housing and urban-rural Construction Committee undertake.With the theme of “Xiumei Border Town Livable Xiushan”, the current Housing Fair focuses on the online display and trading activities of commercial housing, builds a trading platform for real estate enterprises and the general public, enhances information exchange and serves the people.Online trading house booking efficient and it is understood that hold XiuShan County online real estate trade fair in the spring of 2022, aims to further implement the party’s spirit of the sixth plenary session of the nineteenth, speed up the construction of chongqing xiangqian trunk adjacent to the regional center city and the practice of wuling mountainous area of hubei model theory of “two mountains, give full play to their role as the” bridgehead “city of the southeast of chongqing, to create high quality living habitable land.At the same time, it is conducive to the prosperity of the real estate market, reduce the impact of the epidemic, promote the sales of the real estate market, and maintain the stable and healthy development of the real estate market in Xiushan.The housing fair through the Xiushan network platform to release exhibitors, exhibitors, preferential policies, contact information, so that buyers in many forms, all aspects of the house.It is reported that the housing fair boutique, collection of Country Garden, In the ang and other 10 famous enterprises and Jiangshanyue, Brocade mansion and other 12 selection quality market exhibition, covering high-rise, houses, garage and other types of high-quality products.The participating projects are not only quality projects with superior geographical location and complete supporting functions, but also livable projects with mountains and rivers, flowers and trees, highlighting the natural integration of urban mountains, rivers, gardens and forests.Preferential overlay multiple policies to enjoy the housing fair also launched a variety of preferential policies.Housing fair period (February 8, 2022 to April 8, 2022), the house buyer can pay 100% of the total deed tax to enjoy a one-time purchase subsidy;Exhibitors can also enjoy the heavy combination of preferential measures, including price discounts, complimentary brand home appliances, property costs, New Year gift packages, decoration coupons, etc.While meeting the reasonable demand for house purchase, we will enable home buyers to get more benefits.