Anhui’s “Project No. 1” will be piloted this year

2022-04-30 0 By

Hefei, February 17 (Zhou Kun) Jiangjihuai river is anhui province infrastructure construction of the “no. 1 project”, February 17, Anhui People’s Network Anhui channel from anhui Jiangjihuai Group company learned that this year, jiangjihuai river project will achieve water test navigation.The Yangtze River diversion project is an important strategic water resource allocation project spanning the Yangtze river and huaihe river basins and anhui province and Henan province.The project covers 15 cities and 55 counties (districts and cities) in Anhui and Henan provinces, among which 46 counties (districts and cities) in 13 cities and 46 counties (districts and cities) in Anhui Province, covering an area of 58,500 square kilometers and benefiting 41.31 million people.At the 2022 annual working meeting of Anhui River Diversion Project Group, Anhui River Diversion Project will achieve the goal of water test and navigation in 2022, and enter a new stage of equal emphasis on construction and management.At the same time, jiangjihuai phase ii project will be fully started.In addition, the Regulations on the management and Protection of the Yangtze River Diversion project will also come into effect on March 1 this year. The regulations clarify the responsibilities of local people’s governments, relevant provincial departments and construction and operation units along the project, and make specific provisions on defining the management and protection scope of the project and strengthening water scheduling.It is understood that since the start of construction in 2017, so far, the project has completed a total investment of 74.03 billion yuan, accounting for 84.6% of the total investment.The main project has passed the peak period of construction.On June 29, 2020, the trial operation of the water supply section of the River Diversion Project in Bozhou, Anhui province was successful, and the conditions for emergency water supply to Bozhou are available. This marks that the part of the river diversion project has begun to bring into play its benefits, and the north section of the river diversion project has the conditions for emergency water supply to Bozhou.At present, the major projects linking the River and Huaihe river are proceeding smoothly. Thirty-two of 130 Bridges (aqueducts) across the river have been completed and 23 are open to traffic. Three railway Bridges, including the Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed railway bridge, have been renovated and connected.All of the land for construction covering an area of 90,000 mu has been approved, and the work of requisition and relocation has made steady progress. Construction of all 39 planned centralized resettlement sites has begun and 10 have been completed.