This university is not 985 comparable to 985, low score good exam, to the first-class university construction and efforts

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There is a city in central China — Wuhan.There is a strong university in Wuhan.Although it is not 985 University, it has first-class teaching and scientific research strength.Wuhan University of Technology was once called “984.5” university.The name of a lovely flower is not beautiful, but a symbol of the strength of the university.The university was founded by the former Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan Jiaotong University and Wuhan University of Automobile Technology.Wuhan University of Technology (Engineering), Wuhan Jiaotong University (transportation), Wuhan University of Automobile Technology (automobile).Each of the three universities uses a single word, “gongfu”.Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) is called “Gongjiaoche (Gongjiaoche)” university because its pronunciation is exactly the same as the word for “bus”.Since wuT’s old campus was located in Huangjia Lake, Wuhan, the school was jokingly invited by students: Huangjia Lake University of Technology or Huangjia Lake University of Technology.Then it went viral on the Internet.As a homophone, it was transferred to the Royal Institute of Technology.Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) is one of 211 key universities directly under the Administration of the Ministry of Education.Although it missed out on 985 colleges, it didn’t look any worse than the average 985.In the alumni association’s ranking of Hubei University of Technology, WUHAN University of Technology ranks third and 35th in Hubei Province.On the ground.Compared with other 985 universities, WUHAN University of Technology is not low!Unfortunately, wuhan University of Technology has only a few universities below “985” in each selection. Many students call it “984.5”, but this reputation also proves students’ recognition of its strength!The Office of the State Intellectual Property Office and the Headquarters of the Ministry of Education released the list of the second batch of National INTELLECTUAL Property Data centers of Wuhan University of Technology and other universities.The comprehensive Index of Overseas Network communication ability of Chinese universities ranks 47th.Wuhan University of Technology is ranked 44th.China and 647.Place in the world.Because of its perfect discipline construction, it is a world-class discipline construction unit wuhan University of Technology has formed a multidisciplinary professional system with technology as the theme, science, technology, economics, management, art, literature, law and other disciplines to penetrate and coordinated development.In the first category, there are 19 doctoral degree certification sites, 45 first-level master degree certification sites and 17 mobile postdoctoral research stations.There are 22 master degree authorization fields and 39 Master degree authorization fields.Wuhan University of Technology has 37 key disciplines selected into the national first-class undergraduate program construction projects, and 7 key disciplines selected into the county first-class undergraduate program construction projects. The construction of national first-class undergraduate program covers all secondary education institutions.Architectural characteristic disciplines: Materials, Engineering, Chemistry and Physics have become the top 1% of ESI disciplines in the world, and materials Science and Engineering is the world-class architectural science discipline.Over the past 123 years, the university has trained more than 600,000 senior professionals.It is the largest university directly under the Ministry of Education to train talents in building materials, transportation and automobile industries.It has become an important basis for high-level personnel training and scientific and technological innovation in China’s “three industries”.The university has 25 institutions of higher learning, 96 undergraduate programs, 3243 full-time teachers and 12 scholars.In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has been stable at over 90%.Secondly, the school has a strong faculty and first-class library and study room facilities.It is worth mentioning that Xiangyang city has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan University of Technology to build Wuhan University of Technology in Dongjin, updating the xiangyang demonstration Zone project and scientific and technological practice on the significant impact of continuing vocational education at home and abroad.Wuhan University of Technology is actively expanding, demonstrating excellent university resources, and striving to build a first-class university!