The three departments issued documents to standardize network broadcast

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The reporter understands on March 30, the state Internet information office, the state administration of taxation, state administration of national market recently jointly issued by the “about further standard webcast profitable behavior to promote the healthy development of the industry opinion”, strive to build long-term effective mechanism of cross-sectoral coordination supervision, promoting the healthy growth of the live webcast industry norms.Opinion is put forward to strengthen the webcast bank account registration management and classified management, live online platform to the local network letter department at the provincial level shall every six months, the competent tax authorities the profit-seeking behavior exist webcast live online publishers to personal identity, live account, Internet nickname, take payment account information such as, the types of income and profit.Network broadcast platforms and network broadcast publishers shall not attract traffic, hype up heat and induce consumers to reward and buy products through rumors, false marketing and self-reward.Livestream platforms and service providers should fulfill their individual income tax withholding obligations in accordance with the law, and should not shift or evade the individual income tax withholding obligations, and should not plan or help livestream publishers to evade taxes, the guideline said.Enterprises and individual studios opened by webcast publishers shall set up account books in accordance with relevant state regulations.Tax authorities at all levels should optimize tax publicity and guidance, promote online live streaming platforms, online live streaming service organizations and online live streaming publishers to comply with the tax law, and guide online live streaming publishers to standardize tax payment and enjoy tax preferences according to law.We will investigate and prosecute tax-related crimes such as tax evasion and evasion in accordance with the law, and expose typical cases with serious circumstances, bad nature and strong public reaction.According to the guidelines, the legitimate rights and interests of online live streaming platforms, online live streaming service agencies and online live streaming publishers are protected to conduct production and business activities in accordance with the law, and relevant departments are encouraged and supported to conduct business operations in accordance with laws and regulations, actively assume social responsibilities and pay taxes in good faith.Those live webcast publishers that engage in illegal and profit-making activities, and those live webcast platforms that engage in illegal and rule-breaking activities or connive at or help live webcast publishers to engage in illegal and profit-making activities, shall be punished according to law;If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.Source: Xinhua net wechat official number editor: Han Yajiao Review: Xu Fengxiang