Inner Mongolia female Wolf lurking for 2 days, caught a hare, saw the nest with 6 rabbit cubs, the female Wolf released

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This is a kind she-wolf, she is usually very restrained, and she also helps the other wolves.At this time, however, the she-wolf had no food, and while she was hunting desperately, she met a strange hare. After catching the hare, she realized that the hare was only running around with her to protect her children.At last the she-wolf decided to let the hare go.In a grassland in Inner Mongolia, there was once a she-wolf, described by insiders as a kind she-wolf.Because this female Wolf would never kill the livestock of the nearby herders.Some herders have been found such a phenomenon, that is close to the winter, prairie has rarely need wolves prey, one of the nomads while wolves in less time, will flock to a remote grasslands, at that moment a group of Wolf suddenly appeared, they looked at the sheep, herders discovered the mother Wolf at this moment,The female Wolf wandering around the periphery of the wolves, the herdsman also found that when the wild wolves wanted to attack the sheep, the female Wolf actually stepped forward to stop, and constantly asked the wolves to leave, and finally the wolves did not stop attacking the sheep, the herdsman found that the female Wolf left alone.After this matter, the herdsmen on the grassland know that there is a kind she-wolf.And herdsmen was also found that the Wolf had help other wolves, it was an autumn, a nomadic shepherds in a remote place, then there is a poachers to attack near the wolves, to get a pack of wolves were dead Angle, in the group of Wolf cry, the mother Wolf appeared, and it began to attack from behind the poachers poachers,The poacher, who had not noticed the she-wolf, was overthrown by her, and the hounds in the vicinity immediately came to grips with her. The she-wolf fought with them for a while, and by this time the wolves fled in despair, and the she-wolf, seeing them safely away, withdrew in time.The incident caused a great stir in the area, and people said that the she-wolf had a heart of gold.In the winter of this year, the animals needed by the wild wolves in the grassland decreased greatly. The reason was that the local hunted a lot before the winter. As the wild animals in the grassland were frightened, the harvest of the wild wolves was not as good as before.Herdsmen described that large groups of wolves often fight for a prey in the grassland. Herdsmen also found the female Wolf following the wolves, but the female Wolf never fought with other wolves for food, it just ate some of the residue left by the wolves, so the female Wolf often went hungry.There is no way for the female Wolf, can only come to the grassland herdsmen activity area, because there are more or less some small prey like mice, the female Wolf will rely on these prey to survive, sometimes the female Wolf will stay here for a whole day, so the female Wolf still sometimes can not eat food.So the she-wolf went to other places and began to hunt hard, and though there were few prey now, she did sometimes catch one, and so she endured for some time.But after a while, all the wolves from other areas came to the area where the female wolves lived and began to hunt. As the number of wolves increased for a time, and the female wolves were not willing to compete with other wild wolves for food, the female wolves soon began to be hungry and cold.This day, the mother Wolf began to come to the nearby area to capture prey, but it busy all day did not capture prey, helpless, the mother Wolf and other places to hunt, but still nothing to harvest, the mother Wolf and other Wolf foraging place to find food, but nothing, the mother Wolf completely cut off food.Suddenly the prey female Wolf in this way for two days, the female Wolf is very hungry, so it went to a remote grassland to look for food, soon it saw the target, turned out to be a hare.Female Wolf immediately start chasing rabbits, the rabbit saw a predator it began killing ran, but the rabbit seems to have what stumbles, it always run to and fro in the same area, sometimes it is along the area around, sometimes it is along the walking around the region, while female wolves kept chasing it, but the rabbit escape meaning still didn’t give up.After a while, hungry Wolf sniffing smell a smell, it faintly feel like somewhere near a few prey, so it is temporarily give up chasing rabbits, the smell of it along the road to start looking for, at this moment the only escaped hare seemed to feel a little dangerous, it does not continue to escape, but the back, the mother Wolf saw a hare to fold back, immediately have the interest,Keep chasing the hare.The hare seemed deliberately to attract the female Wolf, always keeping a short distance from her, so that the female Wolf was attracted to the hare.But the she-wolf, as she chased the hare, apparently noticed the smell of game near her, and soon she was so close to the smell of game that the confused she-wolf decided to investigate.Just as the she-wolf came near the place, the hare rushed past, and soon it dived into a hole in the ground. The she-wolf, quick of eye and quick of hand, immediately caught the hare that was going into the hole.The mother Wolf caught the hare and was very happy. When it was ready to eat the hare, the hare seemed to look at the hole with some expectation and gave out some slight cries. The female Wolf was confused, so it temporarily gave up eating the hare and approached the hole.When the hare saw the mother Wolf approaching the hole, it seemed to feel something dangerous. At first, it struggled desperately and cried softly. When it saw that the mother Wolf still wanted to approach the hole, the hare kept swinging its hands and feet and infuriated the mother Wolf from time to time.See burrows have 6 rabbit pups, only the six rabbit pups see female Wolf appeared, very frightened, they embrace together, and shivering, female wolves and glanced at the rabbit, see the rabbit to do a rabbit pups, seem to tell them to leave, the mother Wolf saw some moved here, but then it down the hare.The hare did not know why the mother Wolf let it go, but it did not abandon the rabbits to run away, it hugged the six rabbits in front of the mother Wolf, as if to protect the action.The mother Wolf curiously approached this group of rabbits, but the next action completely moved the mother Wolf, I saw that the hare walked to the Wolf side, it made the action of suicide, the mother Wolf understood that the hare is to exchange their own lives to protect their children.Now the she-wolf had no desire to hurt the hare.The she-wolf said something to the hare, and then pushed the hare back into the burrow. The she-wolf covered the burrow with some weeds, and the she-wolf covered the place where the hare was. After all this, the she-wolf left without looking back.Editor’s note: this article is a story based on a real event. the pictures and information come from the Internet.Wild beasts are very aggressive and dangerous. If they are unlucky, do not approach them easily. They should report to the police or forestry department in time.More wonderful stories continue to update, please pay attention to me.