Either way, it’s not too bad

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Is that what happened to the girl protector?People who treat their daughter well — he confides in them and gives them thumbs up.Lao to excited place a word: put wine in.Anything bad to his daughter — he lashed out at her, without mercy.You have to fight to the full, plus a cold shower.See, Cheng Sanmin is a “protective child” father.When the kids are in trouble, he really is.At this moment I really want to say: thank you “Warm Holiday 2” cured my SU Dayqiang PTSD.At that time after a long period of time, to see the hand grinding coffee, or will think of irritating dad Su Daqiang.And this time Ni Dahong played the father, can be calculated to let a person worry!After knowing Old Cheng, come to the three sons and daughters of Kang Kang Cheng?Cheng Qiao, the eldest.Born and bred in Northeast Yabuli, he has been rooted in his hometown after working.Opened a Russian goods store, although the income is flat, but win in the day stable.There’s not much to roll, and it’s not usually busy.When you are idle, you can put a song in the store and twist it.That call a enjoyment ~ he body is keeping a kind of pure northeast silver style — thief pull funny ↓ a mouth big stubbly son comedy flavor to take hold.Daily and his wife also staged an out of two people turn.His wife misunderstood cheng Buckwheat cheating, his front foot on the lamp from the oath of innocence.The rear footlights went out in a flash.Just……Can feel embarrassed across the screen []article_adlist–>As a result, Humei gave a sharp look and immediately admitted her weakness.As for her daughter Cheng Miao’s return to the provincial team was messed up, she dared not tell Hu Mei.Thief pull passion ↓ met Cheng Shu ex-boyfriend can not find a place to live in the middle of the night, directly to pull to his mother’s home.Brother Cheng, can place!The second cheng Man.A strong woman from the countryside to Shanghai by their own efforts.In Shanghai, she is the undefeated elite of venture capital firms.Doing things in a vigorous manner, high requirements for themselves, also high requirements for others, who saw her have to fear.Originally planned to take her daughter to Sanya to travel during the Spring Festival, the result was “pit” by the daughter, set foot on the trip back home.As soon as I stepped onto this dark land, I ran into my old classmate.A “cheng Big climb plow”, instantly pulled her back to the northeast tigress.The northeast Metamorphosis of Cheng Man was also opened.Look at this man in a military coat, sitting on a tractor ↓ said she is a magic beauty, you dare to believe ?Once we get home, we unlock the other side.Bargaining skills are now full again.And every now and then he would jump out of his mouth….And cheng tengman as the eyes of the family “the most promising” existence, but also her trouble, is the daughter doudou’s education.Under the influence of Kong Lingqi, she gradually learns to understand Dou Dou and encourages Dou Dou to find his purpose in life.Old three cheng Shu.The “hot-tempered beauty” that has returned home to start a business after wandering outside.Speaking of career, when I was young, I ran part-time in Hengdian for several years, which was close to my dream.About love, also once had a quite stable love, but, because of some irreconcilable contradictions broke up.So, career love both overturned her, chose to go home to open a b&B.Unfortunately, the management is not so good that the wages can not afford to open.But at this time, Cheng Shu hate teeth itching ex-boyfriend booked her home stay room, want to compound.The whole thing is just to make things worse.Cheng Shu this day, as if every day water reverse……Unexpectedly, against the bar, Cheng Shu ushered in the transit!Before tong Xiangyu opened inn met white exhibition hall, later opened hostel in Shu met his fans Liao Ran broadcast room.Through liao Ran bold and bold reform, homestay began to have some improvement unexpectedly.When is your career gonna take off?I’m not sure.But Cheng Shu’s love is settled.Male fans run for thousands of miles now success!It feels like the cheng siblings are really cute.Everyone has a little bit of “rye” in them.It can be quite a scene if the whole family gets together.Unfortunately, they tend to spend a lot of time together.The three brothers and sisters with different characters chose three completely different paths — stay in their hometown, drift and return home.The reason?Nature is inseparable from their individual personalities.Take Cheng Man for example. She has a strong personality since childhood. It has always been Cheng Man’s dream to study hard and make a living in a big city.Therefore, after graduation, staying in Shanghai, where there are many opportunities, is undoubtedly the most desirable place for her to work.And her character of striving for excellence and not giving up makes her an elite in the workplace.As for Cheng Shu, from a certain point of view, she and Cheng Tenge have similar places in character.Although they are often said to be inferior to Cheng Man, they all want to see a bigger world.The difference is that Cheng Shu failed to stick to it because of external factors.Can’t make it home to start a business?But there is no shame, Cheng Shu’s character is completely open.Cheng Qiao, the eldest brother, does not have his younger sisters’ pursuits, and a down-to-earth life is the most important thing for him.So it’s not hard to understand why he chose to stay in his hometown.These three choices, in fact, is also the employment of many people need to face the problem.Do not know the contemporary 95 and 00 post-generation, whether there is such a tangled life choice?At first glance, it’s obvious which brother and sister cheng are better off.Cheng man can be said to have a successful career, a bright life, life has become the envy of many people.But is it possible to develop better in a different place?Doomed to mediocrity at home?Of course not.Such as people drinking water lengnuanzizhi, a person struggling outside the difficult, sick also no one to accompany the bitterness, others how to see.Similarly, how can one know how satisfied the people at home are without them?It’s hard to say which is the best choice.That’s one of the good things about the show. It just puts three paths in front of you. It doesn’t say which one is the “template for a high-scoring life”.Successful and glamorous, Cheng Man has proved himself in the big city, which is good.In my hometown, Cheng Buckwheat and Cheng Shu are living a life of self-satisfaction and doing what they like, which is also good.At the end of the day — whether it’s working in a big city, staying in your hometown, or seeing the world and starting a business back home, everyone finds their way in life differently.One path may not be right for everyone.The key is to find your own comfortable lifestyle.–article_adlist[]article_adlist–> Life will not be plain sailing because of one choice. There are setbacks and frustrations everywhere.Do what you love and try to be the best version of yourself.