Two-way choice, win-win intelligent storage golden age

2022-04-28 0 By

On February 22, Ruijie Network and Kuaicang Intelligent Technology (kuaicang) signed a strategic cooperation agreement.Both parties will jointly promote the highly advantageous wireless overall solution for intelligent handling robot scene, enabling “intelligent driving within four walls”, and providing innovative solutions for intelligent transformation of warehousing, logistics, production and manufacturing.As a world-renowned intelligent handling robot solution provider, Kuaicang is committed to creating the next generation of intelligent driving robots and robot cluster operating system, so that intelligent driving robots become intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics infrastructure.In 2021, Kuaicang will be listed in The Global Unicorn List 2021 by Hurun Report, becoming one of the five robot unicorn enterprises in China.February 22, 2022 is also Tuesday, the two companies choose to “hold hands” on this special day, but also hope that this strategic signing can lay a good foundation for the future development of both sides, let us “love” together!Yang Zhuo, Senior Vice President and partner of Kuaicang, said that the cooperation with Ruijie is “two-way”. Both companies attach great importance to customer experience, are committed to providing scenario-based innovative solutions, promote business efficiency in manufacturing and logistics, and continue to explore the digital transformation of the industry.In the future, both sides will go deep into the frontline, focusing on the pain points of customers, joint in-depth discussion and research.Xia Guoqing, general manager of East China region of business division of Ruijie network enterprise network, said that for the future two-way learning of both sides, mutual product empowerment, very looking forward to.Because the network as the basis of intelligence, will become the platform of resource integration.Ruijie focuses on the research and development of wireless solutions for intelligent mobile robot scenarios. Together with Kuaicang, ruijie enables intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics industry, and has a global layout to jointly expand overseas markets.According to GGII statistics, it is expected that by 2025, the market size of intelligent warehousing is expected to reach 250 billion yuan, with huge development space. Intelligent warehousing robots play an important role in improving the response ability of supply chain.Intelligent handling robot can accurately and conveniently complete the handling instructions, in the high density and high automation of the storage environment to achieve efficient, economic, flexible unmanned work and management, is the first choice of intelligent warehousing “porter”.In the warehouse of high density and high automation, the intelligent handling robot moves rapidly in the environment of a large number of metal shelves and electronic equipment jungle, which is easily disturbed. In the process, it needs to obtain the working signal instruction at the millisecond level.Once a bag is lost, it may lead to a group of “porters” business disruption.Ruij has launched wireless scenario-based solutions for production. Its “industrial wireless zero roaming” technology can realize multiple physical APS virtual into a large “virtual AP” to achieve the effect of “zero roaming”. In the storage environment, logistics handling business can be guaranteed without interruption, so as to achieve the effect of “zero roaming”.As an industry leading ICT infrastructure and industry solutions provider, red-giant and combining the fast storehouse, in-depth scenarios for research and development of smart mobile car scene wireless solution design and innovation, and improve the intelligent mobile robot network environment, make the car run more stable, the business progress more efficient, to intelligent manufacturing, intelligent storage digital butterfly gate,Win-win intelligent warehousing golden age!