“Tiger” word became the Japanese new baby name explosion!Tiger Taro and other famous treasure father treasure mother welcome

2022-04-28 0 By

In Japan, the largest parenting website “Alpo ビ * カ * ダ *” reveals the naming trend of newborns in January in Japan.According to the survey of 19,931 babies born in January 2022, the number of male babies who use the Chinese character “Tiger” in their names has surged since the beginning of the Year of the Tiger.According to the website, “Tiger” ranked below the top 100 Chinese characters in both 2020 and 21st.Tiger, which ranked 91st in January 2001, jumped to 58th in January this year.There are 33 names for tiger babies, including “Tiger Taro”, “Tiger Jiro” and “Tiger Wo”.On the other hand, so far no one has been found to use the character Yin of Yinhu for baby names.The names for winter babies also rose in the rankings these days, with many parents choosing “boys” and “rin” and “grapefruit” for girls.The results of boys’ “play,” “really” and “too” were all in the top 100.Rin, which means cold, is most commonly used as a name for girls, while tachibana, another Japanese nickname for snow, also appeared in January.With the arrival of the peak season of the winter pomelo season, there are many babies named after the fruit pomelo. The popularity of pomelo, the beauty of yuki (yuki yuki), yuki yuki (yuki yuki) and yuki Yuki (Yuki yuki) have soared.