Gao Tingyu won the championship, he domineering shout: “do not break the Olympic record, the champion is equal to take in vain!”

2022-04-28 0 By

“If you don’t break an Olympic record, you win for nothing!”Chinese player Gao Tingyu surprised the world with a single word.Gao Tingyu won the gold medal in the men’s 500-meter speed skating final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. He broke the Olympic record and made history.For those of you who didn’t watch the broadcast, I suggest you watch the replay. It’s one word. Cool!Gao Tingyu set out as if to see a ride absolute dust, the force beat the group, is simply flying ah, because it is a pair of competition, everything depends on the actual results, there is no other speed skating in the small movements and foul tactics, and so on, the win is absolutely convincing.So one of the athletes can’t talk.Gao Tingyu is the flag bearer of The Chinese team in the Beijing Winter Olympics. Some people say that the flag bearer has a magic spell. For athletes, this is a kind of supreme honor, but they may be hindered by this status, and it is difficult to play the real strength.However, Gao Ting Yu proved with strength, which has what magic spell, play skating is over, look at this session of young people is so simple and direct, confident and domineering, great, but in retrospect, our Chinese team’s two flag bearer name together is not a lucky star, how lucky ah.In Gao tingyu’s own words, everything is the best arrangement.