Finally fit into the team!Liu Chuanxing performance has been improved, fans enthusiasm to take a photo!

2022-04-28 0 By

Yesterday, Australia’s NBL league continued, Brisbane Bullets to meet the southeast Melbourne Phoenix.The match originally attracted a lot of attention because the Bullets had Chinese player Liu Chuanxing and the Phoenix also had Chinese player Zhou Qi.Since we can’t see Chinese players in the NBA Derby, it’s also good to see them in the Australian NBL.In the last clash between the two teams, the Bullets beat the Phoenix, who had not played for four weeks, and Liu chuanxing’s individual performance also surpassed Zhou Qi’s.But this time zhou qi didn’t play, mostly because he was sick and didn’t even play with the team.Liu Chuanxing’s situation is much better, through a period of adaptation and run-in, his integration is getting better and better, the appearance time is increasing.Liu played 11 minutes against the Phoenix, scoring five points on 1-for-2 shooting and grabbing three rebounds.It seems that such data is very mediocre, after all, Zhou Qi has long taken large double double data.But aside from playing a lot of minutes in the preseason, Liu has been a marginal player, playing only about two minutes per game.Today, Liu has adapted to the Bullets’ fast-paced offense and defense style, and is no longer a drag.In terms of opportunities, Liu also knows better how to take advantage of his size, high and not afraid of physical confrontation.Compared with Zhou qi, Liu Chuanxing started from a lower base, but his progress is noticeable.Now, the Bullets’ home court has many fans supporting Liu chuanxing, even holding signs saying they want to see liu on the court.After the match, Liu chuanxing was also sought after by many enthusiastic fans, one by one to meet the demand for photo.