The new week temperature curve rises, only parts of Longnan with light snow (rain) embellished!

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Tomorrow |Motor vehicle tail number 1 and 6 (7:30-20:00 restrictions) along with the arrival of the “rain” throttle air was still the temperature curve is also stumbled open climbing mode is “seven JiuHe open” but winter is not entirely from early in the morning sunshine in our province will be vividly portrayed visited our province most of tonight is expected to only parts of longnan has light snow (rain) tomorrow, or the rainWinter and spring alternate, warm and cold season warm work or can not relax oh province?From tonight to tomorrow daytime, Longnan city cloudy between cloudy, some places have light snow (rain) or sleet;Gannan, Dingxi, Tianshui three overcast, local light snow;The rest of the province is sunny or cloudy.?Tomorrow night to the day after tomorrow, Gannan, Longnan city two cloudy, local overcast with light snow or sleet;The rest of the province is sunny or cloudy.?22 night to 23 day, Gannan, Longnan zhou cloudy, local overcast with light snow or sleet;The rest of the province is sunny or cloudy.?From the night of 23rd to the day of 24th, all parts of the province will be sunny or cloudy.?From the night of the 24th to the day of the 25th, it will be sunny or cloudy in all parts of the province, including five hexi cities with level 4-5 northwest winds.?From the night of 25th to the day of 27th, all parts of the province will be sunny or cloudy.City · forecast Lanzhou · forecast?Night 20th to daytime 21st cloudy, temperature -6 to 5 degrees?From the night of 21st to the day of 22nd, it will be cloudy and clear. The temperature will be -6 to 6 degrees?From 22nd night to 23rd day, the weather will be fine and the temperature will be -5 to 9 degrees.Human body comfort index: level 3, relatively comfortable?Dress index: one, winter outfit: suitable for wearing down jacket, wearing gloves ☀ UV index: three, uv intensity medium?Outdoor exercise index: level 2, not suitable for exercise, can be carried out according to the individual’s physical fitness?Cold index: Level 3, susceptible to colds?Car Wash index: level 2, better for car washing?Dry index: level 3, dry degree medium, appropriate skin care, drinking water spring cover autumn cold less miscellaneous diseases alternate winter and spring, warm and cold, temperature ups and downs, a little attention, colds will take advantage of, so don’t be eager to reduce clothing, but also need to “cover a cover”.1, is conducive to regulating the constant temperature of the human body.No matter how the season changes, the body temperature must be maintained at about 37 degrees Celsius. If you lose clothes too early, it will disrupt the regulation of the body’s constant temperature and affect your health.2. It is beneficial to resist wind and cold.The human body, like nature, begins to revive in spring, when the skin cells that had been in hibernation become active and the pores open.When the cold wind hits, it can drive in and make people feel cold.3, conducive to adapt to the change of the season.In early spring, cold air often moves south, causing the temperature to drop sharply.In this case, if you do not “cover” a little, it is difficult to adapt to the changes in temperature, many people may even suffer from colds, tracheitis, arthritis and other diseases.Above is all there is in today, please call the hotline 12121 or logon the website CARES about the changes in temperature, service sina weibo: gansu meteorology sina weibo: gansu warning well quickly: gansu meteorology trill:Gansu Early Warning published manuscript | Zhao Xiaojuan proofread | Yong Lingxiang review | Ding Jieqiong Zhang Hongyan (pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete)