Sun Wuwei Year of the Tiger Spring Festival!

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Years change, new chapter.Chinese New Year, every family are lively, a lot of things to people left unforgettable memories.To the public “New Year new atmosphere, looking forward to reunion.Wuwei public Security traffic police wish you all happiness, happiness, happiness and safe travel.”Wuwei city public security traffic police detachment shooting “congratulations on the New Year” short video, Liangzhou traffic police, Jinsha high-speed, Tianzhu traffic police and other units of the public security traffic police, energetic, energetic, holding couplets, lanterns to the city’s people New Year, short video picture fully embodies the “safe Spring Festival, traffic police counterparts” concept.”With the development of communication technology, the way people pay New Year’s greetings has been changing and formed a distinctive feature of The Times.”Citizens Ma Xiaorui said, from the telephone before the popularity of door-to-door New Year, greeting cards New Year, to later call New Year, send text messages New Year, this year, short video New Year is hot.Face to face video, let the New Year to start “heart”.This Spring Festival, in addition to personal face-to-face greetings, some units and departments also tried to use short video to the public, in order to release goodwill, show the image, not only opened up a new way to pay New Year’s greetings, but also make thousands of years of New Year’s greetings have a new inheritance.The “tiger element” commodities are popular in supermarkets, and the “tiger element” fu character, couplets, Chinese knots, red lanterns, tigers and other items make people feel thick “New Year flavor”.Reporter visit found that the lunar year of the Tiger, the tiger image has become the main element of many goods, from food to toys, from jewelry to clothing, all kinds of product design, tiger figure can be seen everywhere.At Wanjia Hui supermarket, where a few vivid “little tigers” are displayed on the shelves, the sales assistant said that from the twelfth lunar month to the first lunar month, “little tigers” have been selling well.In the gold shops of the commercial pedestrian street, many ornaments have been designed with tiger elements, and are more diverse in style and style, ranging from fashionable styles for young people to nostalgic styles for adults.A shop assistant said that every New Year, some people want to buy some gold and silver jewelry to map a good color, especially the year to the Chinese zodiac based jewelry is particularly popular.Reporters see, tiger hat, tiger boots, tiger bags and other commodities popular, in the business, online sales rapidly heating up.The Opening of the Winter Olympics coincides with the beginning of Spring, the 24 solar terms of the Lunar calendar, and the countdown to the end of spring, each solar term with ancient poetry, ingenious design, coupled with the water of the Yellow River to the sky into ice cube, the Olympic Rings break the ice and out…A fire in the Spring Festival, lit by ice and snow movement.”On the fourth night of the first lunar month, many people waited in front of their TELEVISIONS to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which once again amazed the world with its brilliance, technology, simplicity and environmental protection.During the Spring Festival holiday, many tourists and ice sports enthusiasts come to Wuhaoling International Ski Resort and Pukang Ice and Snow World to enjoy the fun brought by ice and snow sports.”I had a lot of fun riding off-road bikes, ice skating, and skating.”Zhao Shenghong drove to Pukang Ice and Snow World with her family, having fun, eating freely and wanting more.It is understood that Pukang Group spent a lot of thought in the ice and snow World, launched a variety of ice and snow projects, not only in response to the national call of “300 million people participate in ice and snow sports”, but also promoted the ice and snow projects forward, so that more citizens enjoy the fun of ice and snow sports brought by the Winter Olympics, but also to bring good development opportunities for enterprises.On the Spring Festival, every family will have a lively dinner for family reunion.This year, more and more people are choosing to enjoy their New Year’s Eve dinner in hotels, with bookings particularly hot.The reporter saw that hotels and restaurants have strengthened epidemic prevention and control work, strictly implementing separate meals, using chopsticks and spoons, checking “two yards” to take temperature and other prevention and control measures.Many hotels offer a series of set meals, priced from 800 to 900 yuan to 1,000 to 2,000 yuan, which include local traditional dishes, meat and vegetable dishes and fresh fruits.”Every year, there are always a few ‘hard dishes’ at home that can hold the occasion. Some dishes are more complicated to prepare, so you can simply process them and save a lot of trouble.”Li Li, who works in the catering industry, said that the post-80s and post-90s are the main consumer group of prepared dishes. I believe that the prepared dishes for New Year’s Eve dinner will soon come to the fore and occupy consumers’ tables, which will promote the catering industry to present new features.Reporters in wuwei city new music, Jinghua Vanguard and other supermarkets to see the variety of prepared dishes, to buy an endless stream of citizens.During the Spring Festival, people came to the library to read and learn in an endless stream. They welcomed the arrival of spring in the fragrance of books.The city and district libraries held a parent-child activity called “Adorable children to welcome the Year of the Tiger”. Parents and children shared the history of the year and the story of the year of the beast, and made a favorite “little tiger” together. The children dressed up as “little tiger”, adding a strong “tiger” atmosphere to the Year of the tiger.City Wu Liang cultural museum in the south gate set up a festive color gate, decorate the New Year card photo, for the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival tailor-made “gate building, take a family photo, reunion” activities added to the festive atmosphere, many citizens came to take a family photo, record the beautiful moment of the New Year.It is understood that from the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month to the 15th day of the first lunar month, the Wu Liang Cultural Museum also launched online cloud exhibitions such as “Tiger Tiger Is blessed — Tiger Cultural Relics big New Year’s Greetings” and “New Year’s Eve, Wu Liang to help” to send a “New Year’s Gift of cultural relics” to the public.In yihe book city, buying books, reading an endless stream of people, many readers take reading “charging” as a joy of the Spring Festival, not only increased knowledge, but also enrich the holiday life, the Spring Festival out of the cultural flavor.