Multi-disciplinary experts from the district Central Hospital formed a remote consultation team “thousands of miles away” to treat critically ill patients in Yunnan

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Thousands of miles away, a 58-year-old patient is in imminent danger at the Zhaoyang District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhaotong city, Yunnan Province.Is aiding Yunnan songjiang District central hospital digesting surgeon Chen Yanbing emergency report to the headquarters, request support.Subsequently, Songjiang District Central Hospital immediately set up a remote consultation team to “cloud consultation” for patients.Fortunately, through timely and professional treatment, the patient’s indicators have improved significantly and will be discharged at a later date.Recently, zhaoyang District hospital heart disease department admitted a complex critically ill patients.The patient had unstable blood pressure and heart rate, tachyopnea, and multiple indicators were obviously abnormal. The maximum value of creatinine detected in renal function was nearly 11 times the upper limit of normal, and the evaluation index of heart failure was 300 times higher than the upper limit of normal.After treatment, the patient’s condition is still not improved, which makes the local doctors worried, so invited Aid Yunnan medical team doctor Chen Yanbing to participate in the consultation.After careful examination for the patient, Chen Yanbing determined that the main cause of the patient in the urinary system, at the same time with respiratory, cardiovascular and other system diseases.Because there is no professional nephrology and urology hospital in Zhaoyang District, Chen Yanbing immediately requested support to songjiang District central hospital.Songjiang District Central Hospital in understanding the patient’s condition, immediately inform the relevant departments to prepare for consultation.At 3 PM on March 18, zang Xiujuan, chief physician of nephrology, Chen Lixin, chief physician of urology, Li Fan, chief physician of respiratory medicine, and Zhang Xuelian, chief physician of cardiology of Songjiang District Central Hospital, conducted a “cloud consultation” for the patients.After further inquiring the medical history and analyzing the examination report, the four doctors gave comprehensive and professional opinions on the differential diagnosis, treatment plan, medication guidance, precautions and prognosis of the patient respectively.After the teleconsultation, the doctor of heart disease department of Zhaoyang District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave the patient corresponding examination and treatment immediately according to the consultation opinion.On the second day of the consultation, the patient’s vital signs had stabilized.For timely assistance songjiang district central hospital, zhaoyang district hospital of traditional Chinese medicine staff appreciate: “now during the critical period of Shanghai resistance to disease, central hospital, songjiang district, thank you very much in the case of a shortage of staff, still send four experts through remote consultation give us the professional technical guidance, save the patient’s life.”Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: