More than 44 million!The biggest bank fine of the New Year

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China fund newspaper reporter Li Zhi supervision heavy fist attack, the year’s largest bank fine landing.On January 28, Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank was fined 44.1 million yuan and 28 related employees were also punished for serious irregularities in the management of real estate loans.Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank (QRCB) was fined 44.1 million yuan by the Qingdao Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau on January 28 for a number of problems, according to an administrative penalty disclosure form on the bureau’s website.Specific view, it mainly includes the illegal facts, inaccurate classifying loans into five categories, investment, business investment risk control does not reach the designated position, employees behavior after mismanagement, loan to deposit to open the bank acceptance bill, loss of data governance effectiveness, liquidity loans were appropriate, real estate loans seriously not prudent management, such as credit card overdraft money flowing into the consumption field.In addition, the bank’s 28 responsible people were also punished.Among them, several people were warned;Another ding mou to, Jia Mou gang, Wang Mou Hua, Jiang, Liu Mou Lin to give warning, and a total fine of 660 thousand yuan;Mr. Meng was banned from banking for life.On the same day, Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank issued a statement explaining that “the punishment comes from a number of inspections organized by regulators in recent years, and most of the problems have been rectified.Regulatory inspection is an important means to ensure the sound operation of the banking industry, and the bank fully accepts the inspection and punishment.In the next step, the bank will further focus on the main responsibility and main business, deepen structural adjustment, strengthen compliance management, promote the continuous improvement of the overall management level, and maintain steady and sound development.”It is worth noting that loan business illegal violation of rules has become a big “disease” Qingdao agricultural business.In October 2021, Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. received a fine of 2 million yuan from Qingdao Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau for seriously imprudent management of real estate loans.It is understood that the predecessor of Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank is Qingdao Rural Credit Cooperative with a history of more than 60 years of development.In 2012, Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank (QRCB) was formally established by the former four rural cooperative banks huafeng, Chengyang, Huangdao and Jimo, four rural credit unions in Jiaozhou, Jiaonan, Pingdu and Laixi and nine units in Qingdao.It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in April 2019.After the listing, the bank’s share price had been surging, the share price once hit 10.04 yuan per share, but the subsequent days of the stock fell continuously.Except for a wave of rapid rise in early July 2020, the stock price of QINGnong Commercial Bank showed a trend of shock and decline in other times.In order to stabilize the stock price, the directors and senior management of QINGrural Commercial Bank increased their holdings of their own bank shares.In June last year, QINGrural Commercial Bank disclosed its stock price stabilization plan, in which shareholders holding more than 5% of the bank promptly appointed directors (excluding independent directors) and senior management would increase their holdings of The bank’s shares through centralized bidding through the Trading system of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.The price stabilization plan will cost at least $51 million.As of now, the stock is trading at 3.74 yuan, with a total market value of 20.8 billion yuan.According to the report of the third quarter of 2021 disclosed by QINGrural Commercial Bank, the bank achieved operating revenue of 8.432 billion yuan in the first three quarters, up 19.34% year on year;Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 2.733 billion yuan, up 10.48% year on year.Among them, the third quarter achieved operating revenue of 2.929 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 44.87%;Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 1.068 billion yuan, up 7.98% year on year.In addition, by the end of the third quarter, the total assets of Qingrural Commercial Bank was 429.143 billion yuan, an increase of 5.49% compared with the end of 2020.Total loans and advances reached 232.218 billion yuan, up 6.60% from the end of last year;Provision for loan losses (including discount) was 10.627 billion yuan, up 21.55% from the end of last year;Total liabilities reached 394.325 billion yuan, an increase of 4.57% over the previous year;Deposits were 269.83 billion yuan, up 7.63% from the end of last year;Net assets attributable to shareholders of the parent company amounted to 33.932 billion yuan, up 17.65% from the end of last year;Net assets per share attributable to common shareholders of the parent company were rmb5.21.The original content published on 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