“Home court feeling”!When the Chinese Taipei contestant crossed the line, the song “Chinese Language” was played.

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Huang Yu-ting of Chinese Taipei competes in the women’s 1500m speed skating event in Beijing, Feb 7, 2008. Huang is the first Chinese athlete to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Chinese Taipei speed skater Huang Yu-ting competed in the women’s 1,500 meters.When SHE came on the stage, the audience gave her a warm applause and cheers. When Huang Yuting crossed the finish line, the song “Chinese Words” by SHE, a Chinese girl group from Taiwan, happened to be playing at the scene.The Chinese Taipei team sent a total of four athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, breaking the previous Olympic record.Huang Yuting although no women’s speed skating 1500 meters medal, but in the interview, praised the competition in Beijing has the feeling of home.Huang Yuting, who has two more events to compete in Beijing, also said she would do her best.