Gu Ailing: I am not a perfect person!But I’m always learning and improving

2022-04-27 0 By

On February 19, Beijing time, Gu Ailing interacted with netizens on her personal social media platform.Gu said that she doesn’t like others to call her teacher, just Ailing or Frog Princess. In addition, Gu believes that she is not the most perfect person, but she has been trying to make progress and learn.Gu said there were many sports she wanted to try. “I also wanted to try archery, which was quite difficult. I was 11 or 12 years old at that time.”I’m really not used to people calling me teacher. I’m a child. People can just call me Ailing or Frog Princess.”GuAiLing revealed that he has written three or four thick diary, “since I was young, I have the habit of keeping a diary, wrote five to six years, I written in the book from the diary, I’m still not sure how to write, but the main is to write your own growth, as a young man, let all people to share, let everyone feel like us, she is to give young people a story.I’ve written three or four diaries, very, very thick, and I’ve written it by hand, and then I’ll write it on a computer, so much less.”Gu said that she wanted to write a book because she wanted to show the outside world a true version of herself. “I want to be a real person and grow up with happy moments and unhappy moments.When I was young, I thought it was normal to grow up, so I kept a diary when I was young.””I hope you can see me who loves sports, keeps growing and learning. Sometimes I can’t do my best, so I want to share with you.If people can see that this love is real, that’s my goal.”Gu emphasizes that she is not perfect, but she has been making progress. “One is to recognize your shortcomings and try to change or learn.My mom always says I’m not good at making my room, my bed is a little messy, and I know, I’m learning, but if I can find something.You couldn’t find things before. Now you can find things.I’m not perfect, but I’m improving.Just learn, enjoy, have fun.””I like sleeping very much. I need to sleep for 10 hours every night. Now I have to go to bed at about 9 o ‘clock.”