Ghost destroy the blade: three small force to kill the eight-ball, sound column, yi’s help by the prostitute taro hit

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Animation updates and the ghost of blade, this battle is ups and downs, column and carbon (teamed up to still be prostitutes, aso, under the attack of blood flow, carbon (separated from column were prostitutes, aso, Iraq aid and good ease side was aborting her belt, under the condition of forced, can only let carbon (to help solve the abortion,3 hours only joined in the battle for the first time, eventually escape and, under the cover of carbon (Iraq aid, she successfully killed but then be prostitutes, cold aso came from behind a, carbon (at this time, only to find that, column have been prostitutes, aso to break down, in the face of prostitutes, aso attacks, good escape to save carbon (also injured,This is the most desperate and crucial moment of the battle.At the beginning of this talk is column with three wife’s memory, the memory interleave in this episode appeared several times, mainly from the profile description column view of life, they treat the ghost killed team they honor those who are not able to be like them towards a new life of the brothers and sisters, also is unable to avoid ninja career with blood, storks choose to cherish the present every moment,And hope in the defeat of the ghost month, and the sound column together, even at that time, four people can not live together, also want to move forward together towards this goal.From the perspective of the end of follow-up, bent column family did solve ghost month after retirement, became a pillar out the edge of one of the few winners in life, said back to the fight itself, although the storks had no hit, aso prostitutes, but slow regeneration is only for an instant, in carbon (and column to prostitute, aso neck attack at the same time, the prostitutes, aso completes the detoxification,And with the blood sickle blocked the carbon lang and sound column of the attack of the prostitute taro attack by the carbon lang and sound column, in the block after cutting, prostitute taro opened the blood ghost to solve the carbon lang they.Column fast will seriously unable to attack the carbon block (kicked, alone with fencing to block off the blood ghost, but prostitution, aso this time the target is not them, but the attack on the storks, in fall under her belt to intercept, column can only be looked at, aso prostitutes in despair of storks, charcoal (constantly thinking about how to save, finally use a mixture of breathing, and save the storks (words,The breath of the day and the breath of the water, is it called the breath of the boiling water? Geiko intended to kill Geiko futaro with another knife, but Geiko futaro turned his head and grabbed geiko’s knife directly.Column immediately to replace the charcoal (combat, the help and good escape here have not been able to fall the belt of her attacking, see carbon (nearly finished slay and sound column, Iraq aid felt very worried, but good escape column in sleep mode is awake, he knew, and slay does not need to be at the same time, but to make abortion and prostitutes, aso are being beheaded model can,Although the help of Iraq is very upset about this, but he knew after a battle, only three people together, to solve the first fall ji, so the help of Iraq let carbon to lang first solve the fall ji, and then they go to help the sound column.3 hours only then is the key of fighting, UFO club in the set is really every set has high-energy battle scenes, charcoal (remind Iraqi aid, solve the abortion she needs to exert different target at the same time, this is only the help of double flow of the most appropriate, good escape with carbon (cover of the best I could to help move forward, from the blue flashing closure + water + beast breathing breathing,Three people with perfect, finally let the success of yi’s help close to the eight-ray, completed the killing.Ends smoothly but battle can’t be true, the aid going to left with aborting her head, let the good escape (to help with the coal column to solve, aso prostitutes, but the carbon (to find the column, the aid is being attacked by prostitutes, aso, such as carbon (discovered when find column, column has poison, but also be prostitutes, aso out of hand, and prostitutes, aso attack did not stop there,Good yi in prostitutes husband taro blood ghost will carbon lang pushed away, he is to be suppressed by the ruins of the house, in the face of the sound column fell, the other three seriously injured, carbon lang very remorse, fighting atmosphere began to despair.If you like it, you can pay attention to it and click “like” three times to give Bao LAN some new support and motivation. Welcome to discuss the story in the comments section