Cash points, send red envelopes, collect the five blessings…These anti-fraud dry goods during the Spring Festival get!

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At the end of the year, nucleic acid testing, returning home, buying New Year goods, points, red envelopes, collection of five blessings……People have a lot of demand, a lot of activity, also become a high incidence of online fraud period.What scams should you watch out for during Spring Festival?Which behaviors are most risky?Hebei public security carried out anti-fraud propaganda through, and explained fraud prevention techniques for the Spring Festival to netizens across the country.

What scams should be on guard for the Spring Festival?Annual reunion festival, home and away from home, the tickets are robbed?Beware, the cheater has his eye on you.Some fake ticket buying websites have emerged, not only stealing your personal information, even if you pay, you can not buy tickets.In addition, if someone claiming to be a ticket company customer service sent a link, in order to refund, change, etc., the request for input identity information, bank card number, password and verification code……Stop. Call the official number first.Otherwise, the cards could be robbed.What do you do for entertainment during the Spring Festival at home?Note that there may also be fraud schemes.Take every year to participate in the “hundreds of millions of projects” set of five blessings, whether it is a link to sell fuka at a low price, or invite scan code to add friends, wechat group exchange fuka TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, must be very careful.Hebei public security anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen reminded that unknown links often hidden virus, once click, they may be the other party to obtain information, cheated money.The Spring Festival is full of red packets, but also beware of 666 yuan, 888 yuan and other high red packets trap.You know, the red envelope limit on wechat is 200 yuan.Can point open high red envelope, usually is not implanted virus, jump Trojan link.In addition, beware of fake red packets that need to be forwarded to receive.Cheaters often borrow red envelopes, malicious dissemination, to achieve the purpose of drainage promotion.Now, con artists are keeping up with current events and developing new scripts.Take the epidemic in the past two years for example, some fraudsters disguised themselves as CDC staff, added users to wechat, or recruited people into “vaccine cluster” and “epidemic prevention flow adjustment group”, and then posted fraudulent information such as part-time job brushing orders in the group, and then cheated.There are also fraudsters posing as quarantine workers, claiming to be able to quickly test nucleic acids.Judge is true false, must seek official verification first, cannot rash.Anti-fraud propaganda picture made by Lao Chen.So, what are the actions that put us at greatest risk when the ever-changing scams strike?Lao Chen, an anti-fraud police officer in Hebei, warned that if a phone is bound to a bank card, it would be “extremely risky” to download an APP by clicking on a link sent by a stranger.Some links are sent straight through, he says, while others provide a lot of foreplay.Its by head or it is make friends on the net, or it is a friend invites investment, join stock group, small movie group, imperceptibly paralyze into group person, just release link click.Secondly, the verification code and TWO-DIMENSIONAL code received by the mobile phone can not be easily disclosed to others.”Qr code is a kind of confirmation code, scanning code will be the right to confirm to others, so must not sweep.”Mr. Chen, an anti-fraud police officer in Hebei, noted that screen sharing is also a common method of fraud.In the cases it has dealt with, some people were swindled out of more than 600,000 yuan by a swindler claiming to be a customer service member of a platform who initiated screen sharing, resulting in mobile phone call transfer.Mr. Chen, an anti-fraud police officer in Hebei Public Security, warned that crooks could see all the operations in our mobile phones through screen sharing. Once someone let us operate screen sharing and telephone call transfer, the other party must be a scammer.As an experienced anti-fraud police officer, Chen said there was no particular risk in the operation. Once caught, the money could “fly” out of the pocket.The picture shows a screenshot of Police Officer Chen’s Tiktok account. What is his knowledge of anti-fraud?As technology advances and life changes, methods of fraud change, said Mr. Chen, an anti-fraud officer with the Hebei public Security Bureau.However, whether the platitude of impersonating public security law, killing pig dish, brushing, network loans, or the use of special time nodes of various activities to implement fraud, such as the use of collection of five blessings, are only a form of fraud, the most important is to have anti-fraud awareness.”Greedy for small gains, suffer big losses, the sky will not fall pie, network friends should be careful, all links look for the official platform.The most important thing to prevent fraud is the first step.Hebei public security anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen said.First of all, we must have a clear understanding of ourselves.”Whether you meet a beautiful woman who invites you to chat naked, or someone who says they can make money from online gambling, you should always ask yourself, ‘What am I?How can you make this beautiful girl (handsome boy) come to you for no reason?Does pie fall from the sky?”Hebei public security anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen suggested that fraud suspects will use all kinds of illegal channels to obtain citizens’ personal information and “cast a wide net”, the cheater is not only a “script home”, but also a “psychologist”, more closely follow current events, but as long as people set up the correct three views, understand life, nature is difficult to be deceived.”Live a steady life, be a down-to-earth person, don’t always want to (fluke) try, try after a big bag.”For the disclosure of citizens’ personal information, Hebei public security anti-fraud police officer Lao Chen reminded that in the first step of handing over information, we should establish the awareness of protecting information.If you have to hand over information, you need to do so with the least amount of information.For example, when leaving your address, don’t give details of your house number, etc.”When encountering the need to click, scan, send links, two-dimensional code, verification code and so on, the mind should be more tense, “alert to all unknown links.””No matter what the scam is, whether it’s common or new, remember one thing: anything that goes against the grain is problematic.”Hebei public security against fraud police officer Chen tips.