American intervention in the Winter Olympics backfired!A chartered Japanese plane was leaving Beijing, a surprise to Biden

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Kazuo Ogura, director of the Japan Foundation paralympic Support Center and a former senior foreign Ministry official, told the Global Times on February 15 that he does not think “people-to-people exchanges” between Japan and China have worsened.Before the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, some Western countries led by the United States kept politicizing the Beijing Winter Olympics.”I am very worried about the mixing of sport and politics in some countries.In fact, the “people-to-people exchanges” between the two countries have been going on for thousands of years. Regardless of the impact of COVID-19, the exchanges between Japan and China in sports, culture and tourism are moving forward steadily. The successful hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics will serve as a “catalyst” to further deepen the friendly relations between the two countries.But to the biden administration’s surprise, the U.S. intervention backfired.The Winter Olympics seem to offer a chance for some Japanese to build close ties with China, Kyodo news reported on Feb. 13.Many Japanese living in Beijing, however, have warmed to the Olympics, especially after Chinese media reported repeatedly on Yuyuzu Hanyu’s popularity in China and the cuteness of bing Dwen Dwen, the Panda-like Winter Olympics mascot.”Just like rooting for Ai Fukuhara, I’m glad we can support Yuzuru Hanyu with the Chinese people at this Winter Olympics,” said Takako Tanaka, a 42-year-old Japanese woman living in Beijing.I feel a kinship with the Chinese people.”As Japanese athletes leave Beijing on a chartered plane for the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics on Saturday, some of the athletes who have returned home from the games have expressed their nostalgia for China and Beijing on social media.”I’ve been to three Winter Olympics, and this is the first time I’ve seen snow during the Olympics,” said Japanese curler Tomomi Yoshida in a selfie posted on social media.Yoshida also expressed his gratitude to the volunteers, saying, “Thank you very much to the volunteers of the Village who worked hard to shovel snow in the freezing cold early in the morning.”She made a point of writing “thank you” in Chinese.”Thanks to Beijing”, “thank you China” – many athletes are genuinely issued such exclamation 65 Tokyo Olympic Games and paralympic games volunteers blessing Beijing Olympic volunteers, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin also to the 65 Tokyo Olympic Games and paralympic games volunteers for the Beijing Olympics and the winter paralympic games volunteers want to thank you for the blessing of the message.In fact, the Winter Olympics are so popular that it is the prevailing attitude around the world.The US government’s attempts to discredit the Olympics through colored glasses are still futile.Even American athletes have come out on China’s behalf and proved all the irresponsible reports about the Beijing Winter Olympics to be false.In a few countries, the embarrassing and boring so-called “boycott” has become a joke.But the positive reaction of their home athletes and the public made the success of the Beijing Games even clearer.After all, the so-called “diplomatic boycott” is the voice of a small number of people in the international community, and more countries have high expectations for the sporting event.Through the Winter Olympics, China and the Chinese people have been presented in a real and comprehensive way, and China and the rest of the world have had a warm and positive interaction.The text/drizzle