Why are relatives giving red envelopes during the Spring Festival, while few students give red envelopes?

2022-04-26 0 By

On New Year’s Eve last night, some relatives in the group began to send blessings, and then someone took the lead in giving out red envelopes, followed by almost half of the families, giving red envelopes are basically young people who earn money in their families.It’s all different sizes, but it’s lively.In the big relatives group after the red envelope, I only have less than 10 people in the direct family group, a few consecutive red envelope, mainly to let the family grab the red envelope to fight luck, happy.Thinking it’s my family anyway, it doesn’t matter.Family members, including the elderly and children, also handed out a red envelope to liven up the atmosphere.Also in the classmate group, college, middle school, elementary school group has been silent.Only high school students sent blessings, only ME and another student sent a red envelope, were robbed, no one followed the group of 50 or 60 people.Moreover, more than half of the students grabbed the red envelope, also do not speak, and in the group has not spoken, as if never appeared.Only half of the students also sent a thank you emoji.A few years ago, there were more students who gave red envelopes, but now it is worse than a year ago.I think the students do not care about the dozens of dollars, may be that there is no need to waste the dozens of dollars.After all, no one in the group talks to each other, and most students never contact each other.Relatives are basically in contact with each other all the time, and immediate relatives are the closest relatives.Indeed, we have made a clear distinction between close friends, distance and distance. We are all practical and realistic.