Spring begins today!Guangxi experts explain the first of the 24 solar terms

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A year’s plan begins in spring.On Feb 4, start of Spring, the first of the 24 solar terms, begins.What’s the meaning of Start of Spring?What close connection does it have with agriculture and meteorology?On February 3, Li Changlun, a meteorologist from guangxi Meteorological Service Center, revealed the secrets for us.On February 3, a village in Binyang county, Nanning, put a “golden tiger sends blessings” in front of its door to welcome the New Year of the Tiger.The 24 solar terms originated in the Yellow River Valley and are an important part of the Chinese lunar calendar.In 104 BC, the Han Dynasty established the “Taichu Calendar”, which officially set the 24 solar terms in the calendar and defined the astronomical positions of the 24 solar terms.Among the 24 solar terms, Start of Spring is the same as start of summer, Start of Autumn and Start of winter, marking the beginning of the four seasons, li said.Before the four sections, the earliest phenology to divide.The so-called phenology, mainly refers to the nature of plant growth, animal activity changes and other conditions.Such as the Yellow River willow when germination, that when is spring.On February 3, binyang Phoenix Lake Park, visitors walk in the painting.Due to the great uncertainty of phenology, the current “24 Solar terms” is based on astronomy. Although this method is an improvement over phenology, it also has limitations — the situation is different in each region of China because of its vast territory.Now, there is another way to divide the seasons: according to the climatological standard, that is, to observe the temperature data, five consecutive days of sliding temperature above 10℃, even if it has entered the spring.Li changlun said a climatological division of the seasons is more convincing.With the acceleration of China’s urbanization process and the development of modern agricultural technology, the “24 Solar terms” has gradually weakened its guiding function for agriculture, but it still has various cultural significance and social functions in contemporary Chinese people’s life.The start of Spring is fixed on February 4 or 5 every year, when the sun reaches 315° of the Yellow Longitude.According to the “seventy-two hou of the month” : “Li, the beginning of the construction.”Lichun means the beginning of spring.Liu Xi’s book “Name” said: “Spring, stupid, moving and born.”It means that all things are stirring and spring is in the air, indicating that winter has passed and spring has arrived.Li Changlun said that in climatology, the beginning of spring is often divided into the beginning of spring when the average temperature of the phenology is stable above 10℃, which is different from the meaning of the beginning of spring in ancient times.After the beginning of spring in my region, the temperature gradually rises, central Guangxi in general at 11~12℃, South Guangxi in general at 12~14℃, but the temperature is unstable, rainfall has increased than before.▲ In the cold rain, Binyang South Street ancient town like a “painting”.During the beginning of Spring, cold and warm air currents clash, easily forming continuous low temperature rainy weather, in addition, the temperature difference is also large.This year’s start of spring, guangxi’s climate characteristics and previous years are basically the same.This year, due to the high trough is more active, it and the ground cold air coordination, to my area brought more cloudy weather, rainfall is also more than the usual.On February 3, citizens and children played “red plane” in the square, which symbolizes a prosperous New Year.According to the meteorological center forecast, in February, the rainfall in north and central Guangxi is more than 2~ 40%, south Guangxi is more than 1~ 20%, the average temperature in east Guangxi is lower than 0.1℃~0.5℃, west Guangxi is lower than 0.5℃~1℃.The rainfall period mainly occurred from February 6 to 11 and from February 18 to 26.Meteorological experts said that during this period can not rule out the first spring thunder of the year.Start of Spring is not only a major festival, but also an ancient solar term.In ancient times, the son of Heaven would welcome spring in the eastern suburbs with his vassals and doctors on the day of Start of Spring.According to the Records of Things: “The duke of Zhou began to make spring cattle, covering unearthed cattle to show farming sooner or later.”Later generations of rulers on this day will be held whip spring ceremony, intended to encourage farming, development of production.For Guangxi, after the start of spring, farming activities around the country will begin.In southern Guangxi and the Zuoyoujiang River valley area, people should do a good job of early rice dry cultivation and sparse seedlings and other cold seedlings seeding.In terms of folk customs, Wang Guangrong, an expert on guangxi folklore, said that during the start of Spring, many rural areas will hold a ceremony to plough, and some places will hold a ceremony to dig soil, so that seeds can be sown in the next solar term.In some ethnic minority areas, bullfighting is also held, because the start of Spring is in the slack farming period, which can be fun without affecting production.About us source: Nanguo Morning News Duty editor: Yang Qiu Responsible editor: Jiang Xihe Yulin Daily All media matrix