Spring Festival I am on duty! Hengyang County public security fingerprint collection “not closed”!

2022-04-26 0 By

For the convenience of the masses during the lunar New Year holiday to handle id card fingerprint fill mining operations, especially in order to meet the demand of different home crowd id fingerprint fill mining, hengyang county public security bureau of auxiliary police brigade, grassroots police station people give up vacation, overtime work for the people service during the Spring Festival holiday, deal with residents of the second generation id card fingerprint fill mining business as usual.In January 27, 2022, Hengyang County public security wechat public number issued the “Hengyang County Public Security Bureau on the Spring Festival supplementary fingerprint notice”, announced the collection object, collection time and location, collection method, matters for attention and contact consultation, clear Spring Festival return personnel can go to the nearest police station at any time to collect fingerprints.Hengyang County Public Security Bureau on the Spring Festival to fill the fingerprint notice in accordance with the requirements of the county bureau, the border brigade, the grassroots police station during the Spring Festival do not rest, since January 31 began to arrange daily police duty to carry out the second generation of ID card fingerprint make-up work.Since March 2020, hunan province public security organ shall start the province two generation of resident identification card information collection, fingerprint for pushing fingerprint acquisition work full cover, “more errands” to avoid the crowds, let huimin action is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, this is the hengyang county public security registration window department using the fingerprint of the second year the lunar New Year holiday overtime.Police tips: fingerprint collection is related to your vital interests, people who have not yet been collected, please go to the nearest police station household office or county government affairs center for collection as soon as possible, to avoid adverse effects on future work and life.If there is indeed inconvenient movement of the masses please take the initiative to the area of the police station registration report, the border department and the area of the police station will make overall arrangements, to provide intimate and convenient services for the masses!Review: Liao Chen source: Hengyang County public security editor: Yan Xi