Recent datong bus line adjustment information summary

2022-04-26 0 By

After datong bus company related departments of the xiaolianggou mine road site inspection, xiaolianggou mine road is now open to traffic conditions, decided from January 24 will be no. 10 back to the original line operation.Bus No. 902 (Fangte Happy World ~ Yingxian) of Datong Zhongan Bus Company will be temporarily suspended from January 24, and the resumption time will be further notice, according to the notice of “On the Suspension of Passenger transport operation in Datong and Beijing direction” issued by Yingxian County Transport Bureau.Please understand the inconvenience caused by this.According to the change of arrival time of datong South Railway Station, the departure time of night fixed buses at Datong South Railway Station will be adjusted from January 21. The details are as follows: 22:55 departures of No. 31 and No. 66 will be added, and other departures will remain unchanged.Fixed bus at night will be adjusted according to the latest arrival time of Datong South Station.