Philly’s new favorite!Harden is all smiles, New Jersey in 1 hour!Simmons jersey was burned

2022-04-26 0 By

James Harden arrived in Philadelphia for the first time since the trade, wearing a black silk down jacket and smiling broadly, seemingly in a good mood.The city of Philadelphia was the first to welcome Dungo on its official platform, writing: “What a great day for Philly!Welcome Harden (grin)!Harden and Harris have passed their physical exams after arriving in Philadelphia, making the deal official.Harden left, about the nets between the three giants of all kinds of news, is frequently exposed.According to Marc Stein, the two rarely spoke during Durant’s injury absence, and Harden slowly stopped communicating with others, letting them know he didn’t want to stay in the Nets.Freddy also said that by the time he realized the problem, it was already near the end, so at that point, nothing could be undone.Harden and Irving, needless to say, harden’s desire for a championship will come to the Nets, but Irving’s part-time playing identity and desire are obviously different, the conflict of interests between the two intensified, and finally only separated.Harden, who will wear no. 1 in Philadelphia because his No. 13 jersey is owned by wilt Chamberlain, is expected to play next week.After arriving in Philadelphia, Harden quickly became the team’s new favorite, and fans began to get rid of simmons’ fear of losing his No. 1 jersey. Harden’s jersey reportedly went on sale for $165 (more than 1,048 yuan each), and was only available for an hour between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.Philadelphia reporter Jamie Apody drying out sales in one hour contrast figure on the shelves, only one hour of time, full of shelves with only a shirt, visible harden in Philadelphia how popular, now the number 1 shirt have determined that this means that the new starting point of the brother’s career began, and he will be joined forces to the great shock a championship together.Interestingly, Harden’s jersey is selling at this time, and the other side of the Philadelphia fans are also doing with Simmons to break, last season because of Simmons’ various flirtous operations, fans can be said to see in the eyes, hate in the heart, so there has been a fan anger burning Simmons jersey incident.Now, with Harden’s arrival, the Simmons drama is finally over.Harden/Simmons swap is kind of a win-win. Both are leaving for championship hopeful teams, so stop bickering, move on, and see you on the court for revenge.