How strong is Mickoli, the friend of former champion Da Go?

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In the third generation “the ruby/sapphire,” players have to face the champions is big, I at that time m kore the eighth way pavilion as owner, in “the emerald,” big I abdicated, champion is replaced by m kore, but meters can be set up is my good friend, so we are likely to decide the abdication of (ore) want to concentrate on research, so,Let’s take a look at the strength of Miccoli as the champion in The Emerald and see what kind of strength he has.PS: No rank;This article may not be too serious, if there are mistakes, please correct.NO.1 Howler King In the champion battle of The Emerald, the first one Sent by Miccoli was The Howler King. The feature of the howler King is that he has a high HP base. Even as the champion, Miccoli’s team is mainly based on water system.This is partly why The Howler Whale King is nicknamed “Little Geocca”. Although he can play with water spray, he has to rain himself, which is not a little worse than Geocca.NO. 2 stinging jellyfish m kore, a second can dream is stinging jellyfish like roar king of whales, ethnic values are durable, and compared with water jet roar whale king, stinging jellyfish significantly more suited to shield the interference, m kore stinging jellyfish deserves to recruit for water cannon + + frozen beam + toxic sludge bombs, and conventional stinging jellyfish play different players,Miccoli’s venomous jellyfish is mainly output, but still to the venomous jellyfish equipped with a disruptive move, can hit the opponent really can cause a lot of impact.NO. 3 catfish king m but the third treasure but dream is the king of catfish, although we only said catfish king is plain attribute can dream inside one of the most humble, but a catfish block in the middle of the team directly hinders the king wanted to electricity system moves to push the idea of all the players, m kore king catfish deserves to recruit for instant amnesia + + + earthquake damage light surfing,Is a typical one to strengthen the three output of the game, and Miccoli here chooses to strengthen the special defense, output moves are biased to the choice of double sword (object attack and special attack).NO. 4 tianhe children’s pleasure and if you want to use grass to push all the way, but the fourth only treasure but then m dream — which are le tianhe will stand in front, though not like the king of catfish immune system, but le tianhe child not weak grass, so m kore team configuration to a little things, but joy tianhe child is also a racial value partial shield to treasure can be dreams,Mickeli’s letian River kid match for shadow shard + parasitic seed + ultimate suck + surfing, can be said to be relatively quality of the station consumable match.The sixth Pokemon of Miccoli is The Bogol dragon. In addition to four times weak current, bogol dragon has good output ability and not bad station ability, etc. It can be said that if used well, it is indeed a very powerful existence against the enemy. And Miccoli’s bogol dragon is threatening, which can pose a threat to our object attack hand.His drab dragon moves are Dance of the Dragon + Ray destruction + Earthquake + surf, and there is only one improvement difference between the catfish king and drab dragon, once the drab dragon is strengthened, it is not easy to defeat.When it comes to Miccoli’s representative of Pokemon, it is undoubtedly Minas. In the animation, Miccoli, who holds The Miccoli Cup, has also used Minas to show his abilities. In the game, Miccoli, as the owner of the pavilion in other generations, represents Pokemon and Also Minas.Miccoli’s Minas is equipped with poison + self regeneration + frozen beam + surf, as miccoli’s trump card, there is interference, endurance and output, it is a very normal configuration.All right, the above is the Pokemon used in the Miccoli champion battle that Xiaoer wants to introduce this time. Other generations of Miccoli will also use Pokemon such as love fish, megalodon shark and so on. Xiaoer will not introduce one by one.