Top 10 Semiconductor Buyers in the world in 2021

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2. Shanghai, once ridiculed, now holds up half of China’s chip market!A hundred million, in a chip company can burn how long?4. How many chips can be made on a single wafer?Semiconductor purchases by IT manufacturers in 2021 totaled $583.477 billion, up 25.1 percent from a year ago, market research firm Gartner said on Feb. 2.Apple won the top spot by purchasing semiconductors worth 68.269 billion dollars, up 26.0 percent from 2020.In 2021, apple’s smartphone and PC businesses were strong, with the iPhone12 and iPhone13 series becoming blockbuster models.Apple is trying to develop its own CPUS to replace those from Intel.Samsung Electronics came in second with $45.775 billion in chip purchases, up 28.5 percent from the previous year.The South Korean tech giant is the world’s largest maker of smartphones and TVS. It is also the no. 1 producer of memory semiconductors and the no. 2 player in the contract manufacturing market. Samsung Electronics’ Device Experience (DX) business unit buys a lot of chips from Samsung Electronics’ Device Solutions (DS) business unit.China’s Lenovo and Bugao Electronics took third and fourth place respectively.Lenovo’s purchases were $25.283 billion and BBK electronics $23.35 billion, up 32.9 percent and 63.8 percent respectively from the previous year.Lenovo, the world’s no. 1 PC maker, increased its purchases of cpus, Gpus and memory.Better Life Electronics sells smartphones under the OPPO, Vivo and Realme brands, which rank fourth, fifth and sixth in the world in smartphones.Dell, Xiaomi and Huawei followed.Dell’s purchase volume was $21.092 billion, up 25.4% year on year.Xiaomi and Huawei purchased 17.251 billion dollars and 15.382 billion dollars of semiconductors, respectively.Xiaomi’s purchases rose 68.2 percent compared with the previous year, but Huawei’s fell 32.3 percent.Of the top 10 companies, only Huawei reduced its purchases.IT Home learned that Dell is the world’s second largest PC market share.Xiaomi is the world’s third largest smartphone maker.Huawei may fall out of the top 10 in smartphones, but ranks high in telecom equipment.Huawei previously spun off its honor brand, which ranks seventh in the world smartphone market.”Semiconductor manufacturers are shipping more chips in 2021 than in 2020, but demand is outpacing supply,” Gartner said. “Average selling price (ASP) of semiconductors is also rising.”In 2021, the ASP of microcontroller units (MCUS) and general logic integrated circuits (ics), among others, expanded by 15% year-on-year.”‍ for this matter, what do you think?END -5, 6,