People’s Public Security Daily: Baoshan Tengchong weave “five nets” for public security prevention and control to improve police efficiency

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Recently, at the scene of the public Security Bureau of Tengchong, Yunnan province, focusing on the return of funds involved in telecom and Internet fraud, eight victims received a total of 316,000 yuan of funds from the police.With an excited mood to present the flag to the police.In order to protect people’s property, The Public Security Bureau of Tengchong cracked down on telecom and network fraud. In 2021, 145 cases of telecom and network fraud were cracked, 7 criminal gangs of various types were destroyed, 134 suspects of telecom and network fraud were captured, and the funds involved in fraud were recovered more than 1.308 million yuan.This is one of the achievements of tengchong Public Security Bureau in strengthening the construction of social security prevention system.In 2021, Tengchong Public Security Bureau organized the “five networks” of joint governance, circle prevention and control, risk mitigation, police cooperation, and national heart prevention, constantly improving the control ability of social security and realizing zero homicide cases throughout the year. The number of receiving and handling police and criminal cases in the city decreased by 26.85% and 21.84% year-on-year respectively.Multiplex weave close cogovernance position net.Tengchong Public Security Bureau launched a diversified governance model under the guidance of Party construction. In rural areas, centering on the theme of “branch to group, self-management to household, consultation to people”, it promoted the “1+1+N” rural governance model of “village Party organization + self-management group + all kinds of mass organizations”.In the city, they focus on the theme of “to the branch · together”, promote the “four double work method” of “double report, double list, double feedback, double review”, promote the refinement of urban grassroots social governance;In the border areas, the Public Security Bureau of Tengchong city has established a pattern of party building to ensure that “every village is a fort, every household a sentry and every person a sentry”.The city has established 299 self-management groups and 943 mass prevention organizations. The grid management mode of “ten-household joint prevention” has divided the city into 20,468 grid areas at four levels, promoting joint prevention and joint work to the end.The prevention and control network of the whole time and space.The Public Security Bureau of Tengchong city combined epidemic prevention and control with border control, and advanced the construction of border police offices, joint prevention offices and border security duty stations.In addition to set up all kinds of epidemic prevention and control and the point on the border, to form a joint patrol and flow motor patrol, relating to zone between the people and spreading, about 150 km border defense at the same time, strictly implement the control tube side “long”, transferred as police responsibility long, set up 22 pioneer team of party members, set up temporary party branch six,At the airport and all the intersections entering Tengchong, the checkpoint points are set up to scientifically divide the “1, 3 and 5 minutes” treatment circle, so as to achieve “police presence, patrol without police, attendance preparation and efficient disposal”, and to organize the urban patrol prevention and control circle.Classification of dense risk mitigation network.In order to further strengthen the investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes, The Public Security Bureau of Tengchong city has carried out the “five one” guarantee system, implementing the “five one” guarantee system. Since 2021, six mediation studios in tengchong City have been named and listed by the Justice Bureau.At the same time, the establishment of campus security management squadron, the implementation of the “home police school protection” linkage mechanism of the four, upgrade and transform the campus technology and defense facilities, equipped with full-time campus security, all schools to achieve one-key alarm device installation, full-time campus security equipment, “nursing post” setting and closed management of 4 100%.In order to strengthen road traffic safety management, they set up a “voluntary traffic auxiliary police brigade”, and built a caring sober up center and 17 sober up rooms.Reform and weave a tight police cooperation network.Tengchong Public Security Bureau actively promotes the reform of grassroots police mode, and has organized police stations and main combat police types into five police districts, east, west, north and south, to improve the effectiveness of regional police work.In order to strengthen the multidimensional joint logistics linkage, they actively promoted the “refers to regular overseers chariot” integrated combat policing operating mechanism construction of the social emergency linkage, wisdom city, ZongZhi command scheduling 5 command centers such as resource integration, promote the establishment of joint LianZha spreading work mechanism, to improve the core control, monitor, remote control, spheres of pilot cloth p levels.Spread propaganda and weave a dense national heart defense network.To strengthen the propaganda work, tengchong city public security bureau set up “+ + + worker relatives and friends management object” to “rule of law, vice principal and teachers, students and parents” “branch” + + + grid community property “online + offline + + air street” four system, actively carry out synthetic, accurate propaganda, to dissuade and intercept last year to stop payment 324 person-time, stop loss of more than 3.33 million yuan.Source: Yunnan Police, People’s Public Security Newspaper, Ping an Baoshan