Folk tale: The Taoist priest went down to look for his father. He met a beggar old woman who stopped him and said there was a black snake in front of him

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Xinwu, also known as Liangxi, is connected to the Yunhe River in the north and taihu Lake in the south. Legend has it that in the Eastern Han Dynasty, liang Hong, a literati, and his wife Meng Guang once lived in seclusion here, hence the name.It was in the middle of winter, the snow was falling heavily outside, and the liangxi river of Xinwu was frozen with a thick layer of ice.Wu Yi, a young Taoist priest, looked across the river and said, “There is so much snow and the river is frozen. How are we going to get across?””That’s easy. Watch me.”Yang Shuo hands, tiptoe light ice, lightly flew over.”What an ice float!”Zhuge liuyun saw this scene, could not help but exclaim.”What will they do if we go?”Blue jade jie pointed to the rope tied to a few people asked.Wu Yi looked at a few people also caught in a dilemma, last night they passed by the new Wu boundary, in an inn accommodation, the store shopkeeper in the room to put a fan incense, together with some people to kill them, fortunately, Yang Shuo was aware of the critical moment to save their lives.After an inquiry, Wu Yi and others have found out that they are the court west factory sent to the person, it is said that cao Yinchuan west factory was a disciple of the exhausted door, later wield a knife from the palace to practice the boy, get the court appreciation, slowly when the west factory factory, with the east factory public Liu Xi.”Let us go, or the factory will punish you!””The shopkeeper threatened.”Waste what words, all want to kill us, but also afraid of him a eunuch.”Zhuge liuyun sneer, apparently did not put the so-called West factory in the eye.In a few people dispute of the time, in front of a side of the edge begging old woman appeared in front of everyone, she walked to his son-in-law, cold hum a way: “Bodhisattva fear because, the fruit.This is your destiny.””What do you mean, old man? My plan is perfect. You must have tipped me off.”The shopkeeper swore through gritted teeth.She turned to Wu Yi and said, “Children, it’s snowing heavily. You can’t go forward. There is a big black snake in front of you.””The big black snake?Wu Yi and others were surprised, what kind of black snake in front, actually make them talk about color change.Old woman sighed and said: “you don’t look at the old skill without any strength in the river’s lake, in those days the name is also loud and dangdang, later in the snake venom, just lead to the loss of power, my poor husband is also dead in the mouth of the big black snake.””Is the black snake so powerful?”LAN Yujie was a little surprised. He turned to the xichang people who were captured by them and said, “Why don’t we give them to the big black snake to save them from hurting people in the future?””Plop!Several people listened to this sentence hurriedly kneel down to beg for mercy way: “don’t, please let go of us, never dare again.”At this time, old woman walked to Wu Yi in front, just want to open but was Wu Yi interrupted: “you want me to put them?”She nodded. “My daughter is dead,” she said. “I know he hates me, but I can’t let them take the blame for my mistakes.They were also blinded by others, so they were used. Please let them go.””What’s all this about?Wu Yi looked at her with some puzzlement. Could her son-in-law drive her out of the house be another secret?A few people talk, Yang Shuo again from the other side of the river flew back, old woman saw this scene, eyes a bright way: “girl good jun kung fu.””Thank you very much. If MY guess is correct, you are the Black snake lady.”Yang Shuo looked at each other and smiled.”How do you know?”The old woman was surprised. She had never revealed her identity, even her son-in-law did not know, and how did the other party know.Yang Shuo said as he walked: “More than 20 years ago, any gate was so powerful that there were countless disciples under it. Then it disappeared overnight.However, there are four demon lords under the master of any door, eight ghost king, thirty-six hole Lord, these masters will not disappear.As soon as the elder mentioned the black snake, I guessed that your husband must be the Golden Serpent.””Ha ha ha…You’re right. The devil of my house is the Golden Snake. I never thought anyone would remember us.””The old woman burst out laughing. Even her son-in-law had a startled look on his face.”So you…Are you faking it?”Shopkeeper looked at the old woman said.”Pluff!Shop shopkeeper voice just fell, chest was old woman a crutch through the chest, this scene happened too fast, Wu Yi and others did not react at all.The other Xichang people scattered at once, but the Black Snake lady did not let them go. The snake’s head swung its crutch on the ground and several stones flew out of the way, killing all of them.”Subordinates have seen little master!”Wu Yi and others just want to prepare, but see black snake lady suddenly kneel in front of Wu Yi respectfully.”This……What’s going on here?Get up quickly, senior.”Wu Yi see old woman to own no malice, hurriedly stretched out his hand to help the road.”Before the young master came down from Longhu Mountain, the mother had already sent us a letter, so WE have been waiting on the road.”Old woman tone respectfully ground say.The original arbitrary door Lord is wu Yi’s father Dong Shan created, no wonder Dong Shan in those days can one person against the court and river’s lake eight gate, there is such a powerful arbitrary door, which side forces do not fear it?”Sir, where is my father?”Wu Yi found his father’s men and quickly asked.The lady Black Snake sighed and said, “The master and the God of the East disappeared after the first World War. He told us before he left that if he did not return, the gate would be dissolved.Later, when the master disappeared, none of the disciples would leave. So we discussed how to divide the whole gate into parts and wait for the master and master to return.”Wu Yi was surprised, he did not expect his father left these quack masters, but how should he be?Do you really want to take over any door, the future with the court and jianghu eight doors continue to fight?”Senior, where are they now?”Wu Yi asked.”As long as the Lord calls, they will arrive as soon as possible.””Said the Lady Black Snake.”Senior, you don’t need to call me little Lord, I haven’t thought good……”Wu Yi did not finish these words, but was interrupted by the other party: “Master, master has been very ambitious all his life, any door is his lifetime effort, how can you sit idly by?””But my father is still missing, and I don’t have time to take over any of the doors now that I’m focused on finding him.”Wu Yi said.”Young master young, may not know this river’s lake sinister, with the identity of the little master, even if find the master, how can you?Now the mother is still trapped in longhu Mountain, don’t you want to take her down?”The black Snake lady went on.”We’ll talk about it later, but you went too far. He’s your son-in-law.”Wu Yi pointed to the shopkeeper lying on the ground, some can not bear to say.Lady Black Snake sneered and said, “When I was fighting for justice with the golden Snake, I killed many wicked people.His parents are the traitors, and later died at the hands of the husband, so he hated, deliberately close to the daughter.After capturing the little girl’s heart, and brandishing a knife from the palace to do the west factory lackey, the little girl is hurt by him, he thought I don’t know these, in fact, I see in the eyes, just read his heart have hate, they spare his life, did not think he united west factory, want to harm less master, so not precious!””The infinite Lord, what a time to repay each other!”Wu Yi clasped his hands and murmured.”Less Lord have I don’t know, the world is my arbitrary door as a cult, in order to jianghu eight gate decent, but I do not know my arbitrary door all act aboveboard, but those who boast decent jianghu eight gate disciples, for their own selfish gains upside down black and white.””Said the lady Black Snake.”There is justice for good and evil.”Wu Yi said that as a disciple of the black Snake, he naturally did not believe what the black Snake lady said, as for any door, but how to deal with the world in the future.”Little Lord this is to build up others’ ambition, destroy their own prestige, and so on when you meet other elders of any door, must not say such words to.””Said the lady Black Snake crossly. She seemed to see that this young man had no ambition.”Brother Wu, I did not expect you to have such an identity, really fierce ah!”Blue jade jie in the side envy way.”I’m just a little Taoist priest from the jade Emperor mountain. I don’t have any status.”Wu Yi white each other one eye, modest way.”I heard that all the masters of that year had strange temperaments. Brother Wu should be careful in the future.”Zhuge cloud said in the side.”Young Master, after crossing the river, suzhou is not far ahead. Prime Minister Gong is already there waiting for young Master.””Said the lady Black Snake, pointing to the glacier.”But how can it be crossed?”Wu Yi was worried. In front of him, the river was tens of zhang wide, and the ice on the river did not know its thickness. Among them, Yang Shuo was probably the only one who made such a feat.”Young master, this is easy to do!The black snake gave a little laugh and then took out a xun from her sleeve and blew it into her mouth.”Zip!With a loud bang, the ice broke open and a black python emerged from the bottom of the river, its huge head looking at the old woman on the bank.’What, what a monster!Blue jade jie surprised way.Everyone saw this scene, are taken aback, even the sky is not afraid of the ground is not afraid of Yang Shuo also look at stay, she is so big, have never seen such a big black snake, and still live in the bottom of the river.”Do not be afraid of him. He is very tame, but used to living in the water. With him, you can cross the river easily.””Said the old woman.”Thank you.”Wu Yi said a thank, no matter how to say, the other side has helped him a lot.”Black lady, you send young Lord across the river, if there is any damage, I will hold you accountable!””Said the old woman to the great black snake, her words sharp but her eyes loving.The snake nodded and swam swiftly under the ice to the other side of the river in an instant.Suddenly the ice broke and the water came out.At this time, the old woman smiled and said, “Young master, please come on, the black lady will take you to the other side of the river.”Wu Yi et al some hesitation, but Yang Shuo felt very interesting, footsteps fell on the snake, they see very smooth, they are up.Wu Yi see old woman have no action, then ask a way: “elder, you don’t follow us together?”Old woman smiled and said: “Young Lord, you go ahead, I have other things, and so on finished and then meet with everyone.””Whoa…”A deep and sorrowful xun sounded, and the black snake began to carry Wu Yi and others across the river.Wu Yi looked at the old woman on the other side, the ear heard some sad and continuous voice, the heart is disconsolate unceasingly.At that moment he suddenly felt a heavy burden on his shoulders, as he had never felt before, in spite of all the dangers he had encountered since his descent.Wu Yi at the moment in mind, such as suzhou, saw his father those men, he and how to place it?(End of Chapter 20, story to be continued…)The first chapter: the folk story: men spend the night, and I saw women’s shoes have mud on the horizon, he pretended to be drunk escaped the second chapter: folk story: a man marry a wife, find each other in the middle of the night to drink cold water, Taoist: your wife have a weird in the third chapter: folk story: man well, found that the bottom holes, weng: your boy so lucky in the fourth chapter: folk story:The Taoist priest said: Be careful when you sleep at night chapter 5: Folktale: The son went out and heard the sound of a knife being whetted in the kitchen at midnight. 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