Canal information | CCTV Spring Festival Gala dance poetry drama “only this green” landed in Yangzhou Canal Grand Theater in April

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Grand Canal Media (Yun Investment Xuan Xiao Wei) Learned from Yangzhou Canal Culture Investment Group that jointly produced by the Palace Museum, China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co., LTD., People’s Daily Online Co., LTD., zhou Liya and Han Zhen, two Chinese dance stars,The dance poetry drama “Only this Green” — dance painting “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” will be staged in Yangzhou Canal Grand Theater on April 22 and 23.”The only Green is beautiful cry.””Man of the match.”…New Year’s Eve CCTV Spring Festival Gala shocked the performance of the dance poetry drama “only this green”, with dance as the vocabulary, “Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains” play live, this through time and space “dialogue” connected the past and now, tradition and modern, to the people of the country brought a fresh audio-visual feast.It is reported that the dance poem drama “Only this Green” takes “poetic drama” as the genre, with “roll, ask seal characters, sing silk, look for stone, brush learning, ink quenching, painting” and other chapters as the program. On the stage, there are many traditional intangible heritage crafts such as seal cutting, silk weaving, pen making, ink making and so on.The audience will follow the perspective of a researcher of the modern Palace Museum, the curator, and wander through the legendary aesthetics of traditional China.The play not only inherits traditional Chinese culture, but also perfectly integrates modern elements. The intentional creation technique and the director’s unique choreography make every audience feel the charm of traditional culture.”A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains” will be a dance poem “Only This Green”, with the stage to reproduce the traditional aesthetics, connecting the millennium static and dynamic, for yangzhou audience to open an immersive “painting” experience.(Grand Canal news hotline: 18611735190) source: China Jiangsu network, Yangzhou Canal Theater internship editor Yan Chen read Guiyan Zhang Li production Cao Yu xiao Dong review Manuscript Hui Jun