Can the debit card be used forever

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Whether debit card can be used permanently, basically is to see the use period of validity of this debit card.1. The debit card with validity period must be replaced when it expires, otherwise it cannot be used normally, while the debit card without validity period can be used for a long time in principle, unless the debit card anti-counterfeiting upgrade, such as the original magnetic stripe card to chip card or chip magnetic stripe composite card, the general bank will have a notice.2. Generally speaking, the credit cards issued by various banks are valid for 3/5 years. Before the expiration, there will be a short message notification.Different types of credit cards have different expiration dates.Every credit card is marked with an expiry date, the number below the card.3. Debit card A bank card that has no line of credit and is used after the holder makes deposits.Debit card cannot overdraw.Debit card is what we call a debit card.Both point to the same thing, but in our daily life, we are used to call the savings card, which is named from the point of view of the cardholder’s savings and finance, while the debit card is called from the point of view of the bank expenditure record.