Wuxi isolation materials fire out!National net friend frankly envy

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Cause merciless envy!Cherries!Strawberry cream!Wuxi isolated community materials brush screen!Today, let’s take a look at the daily meals of the quarantined people in Wuxi. Are they taken care of?Are there enough vegetables, meat, eggs and milk?Wuxi area isolation material is which strong?When the epidemic comes, no matter when, where, or who.In this year, there was no time to say goodbye to the Lunar New Year. Many wuxi people had a memorable Lantern Festival. In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control, they were forced to stay at home.But isolation is not separation!For the isolation of daily necessities, there is no imagined material shortage, supply difficulties.Perhaps, have you ever seen a “mountain” of cherries?That’s right, Wuxi, roll it up even during quarantine!The beginning of all this, but also back to the Lantern Festival that night, the outbreak of sudden, in order to eliminate this change to the panic of the children, a love package and a bowl of hot dumplings arrived, to the children sent to the warmth.In the days of centralized isolation, children’s health is not ignored, a variety of nutritional lunch is provided in a variety of ways every day.It is rumored that the mascots of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be sent to each student who participates in the centralized quarantine in the near future, thus achieving the freedom of “Bing Dwen Dwen”, which has received numerous praise from parents.After that, Liangxi District and Xishan District took control of some communities. Wuxi streets and communities specially prepared materials for quarantined people in the containment area, control area, home and quarantine point, and filled the whole road in the delivery process.Many netizens said that the arrangement of living at home is not bad, and the food is not the same every day. They have clocked in on social media platforms.The distribution of epidemic prevention and control materials in Wuxi includes rice, vegetables, meat, fish, fruits and snacks for every household, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.Rich in nutrition, a complete range of super intimate is even ginger, garlic, onion, too thoughtful!In addition, many volunteers also pay more attention to the spiritual comfort, specially prepared colorful flowers for the isolated residents.With all kinds of supplies, food, vegetables and fruits continuously delivered, “inside roll” has also been upgraded.Among them, there are about 1,000 residents of Jinke Dongfang Wangxie in the lockdown stage.In addition, 1,200 pieces of vegetables, meat and other daily supplies and 1,000 pieces of cherries, cream strawberries and other fruits were received, providing adequate supplies for the prevention and control of life at home.The phenomenon has sparked heated debate, with many netizens saying: Sour!I can tolerate cherries, but cream strawberries are too much. There are only a few cherries in a box for 100 yuan. I can’t bear to buy them for myself.But many Wuxi people have confidence message, “feel the country’s per capita GDP first city power?”But don’t get too excited. It is said that these high-end fruits are not handed out by the street community, but by anonymous owners in the community.I have to say here, it’s a real treat to be his neighbor.From the distribution of epidemic prevention materials, we can find that Wuxi is full of people, urban welfare is really good, and there is a temperature.I finally understand bai Juyi that sentence: Jiangnan good, can not recall jiangnan?02. “inside volume!Triggered national attention “before the Arrangement of Suzhou aid Soviet team settled in” W hotel “, after the wuxi isolation materials distribution “cherry”, for Wuxi “trench” and Jiangsu “volume”, the net users have said tired, their comments are also very wonderful.Regarding the donation of materials, netizens even jokingly said: do not need to donate materials, otherwise it is really a golden rice bowl.I can understand if the quarantine materials were rolled in.But somewhere along the way, even the volunteers rolled up.Among the many comments from netizens, one successfully caught my attention.”At first, I thought the isolated meal consisted of white strawberries and cherries, which had become one of the top dishes in Wuxi today. Then I saw the Buddhist volunteers in Langshi Community, and I realized!Inside roll, you can always trust wuxi!Nucleic acid incidentally light.”The positive response to the epidemic and the dedication to stick to it as usual, all the efforts of everyone, make life rich and real, just like the light in the night, enough to resist the cold winter of the epidemic.In addition to being happy and moved, what is reflected behind this phenomenon is the importance wuxi people attach to epidemic prevention and control.Even religious figures who live far away from the world are participating in the epidemic prevention work.Therefore, we should all work together to strive for an early zeroing in Wuxi and return to normal life!Because of all the above, Wuxi completely “out of the circle”, and even caused the attention of all over the country!My friends in Chongqing and northeast China knew that I was working in Wuxi and said they would come to see me after the epidemic was over. They wanted to see how Tibet was rich and people were inhumane in Wuxi.”Who says that only those who stand in the light are heroes?” The people of Wuxi also took their time and actively cooperated with us in the fight against COVID-19, neither making trouble nor exaggerating.Some are perfecting their cooking skills, others are working from home, and still others are learning how to clock out online.More people queue up in the community to do nucleic acid in an orderly way.The optimism under the epidemic comes from wuxi people’s confidence in the city.I believe that you have been “Wuxi speed” swept the screen these two days!Whether it is medical staff armed to the teeth, carrying out nucleic acid tests on residents.Or traffic police departments are also actively deployed, 24 hours uninterrupted to the passing vehicles and personnel inspection registration.Or the countless volunteers who threw themselves into the anti-epidemic team, with their own actions to show the love of the city.Here, I would like to give a super high praise to wuxi’s various epidemic prevention plans, measures, attitudes and methods. Everything is orderly, without anxiety and fear, and both production and epidemic prevention are not wrong!As the song goes among the lonely: Who says he is a hero who stands in the light?In the winter that is about to pass, every wuxi person is a hero.We hope the epidemic will end as soon as possible and fight the epidemic with one heart until spring.You can always believe that wuxi, no epidemic is invincible, no winter is insurmountable!Finally, seven asymptomatic novel coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Wuxi. Everything is moving in the right direction. I believe that 7.46 million Wuxi people will work together to defeat the epidemic.Wuxi, come on!