Today I finally understand: why the same teacher teach, the salary difference is so much?

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01 To do things, learn to be a man to be a man in advance, which has been the same since ancient times.A digging machine industry as deep as the sea, digging machine industry master is respected before, a day as a teacher, lifelong teacher, apprentice to the master, do things without a complaint, is very respectful.Now apprentice, respect for the master for his basic no concept, are so-and-so commensurate, or nickname commensurate, the master did not teach you the obligation of technology, respect others is respect yourself!02 every day to work too tired, too hard comfortable is for the dead, no one didn’t work hard in this world, what dirty every day, tired, what I do, do all day playing butter, have a little technical problems don’t let me dry, technology is built up bit by bit every day, every teacher is dirty and tired get through it, no technology and ability,No boss wants to give you a comfortable and lucrative position with his own money!03 play mobile phone all day, fool around now a lot of people, a little time is to play mobile phone, not to play games is to see a small video, anyway I can do on the line, stem other technical problems have a master, can be a day is a day, if you want to mix as early as possible advise you don’t do.It is better to take a little time to learn digging machine technology, they usually have nothing to study things that do not understand, time waits for no one, only their reasonable grasp of time, learn more digging machine knowledge, enrich their digging machine technology!04 to see other people get high salary often complain about xiao Ming for two years have three years of work than they are with high, people are learning technology when you play in mobile phone, sleeping, please remember your wages and your labor is proportional to the, no pain, is want to return, site not idle people, looking for you to work is to create value, is not comfortable to live!Other people’s wages are high in return for hard, you just saw the surface of the scenery did not see behind the sad!Don’t complain that you have no money and no future!05 do not dare to take responsibility when not responsible, see things run, remember do not lose, responsibility is not bad, everyone’s eyes are clear, can see what you do, handle the relationship between colleagues, do not let others always take the blame, no sense of responsibility boss dare to let you do great things?Can you get a raise?If you have a sense of responsibility, your boss will trust you and use you as a dependable person. In the future, you will have more opportunities for promotion and salary increase!06 dry line, love line since they chose the excavator industry, please remember to do a line, love a line, three hundred and sixty lines, line out of the top, do excavator tired, only insist, can see the rainbow, excavator is not easy, no work is easy.In 2022, let’s work together