Let the movement in one step in place, Changan Auchan X5 sport edition to show their skills

2022-04-24 0 By

Non-rainy sports, such as swimming, which really feels speed and inhibition, have gradually become the winter favorite of contemporary youth.Young people, of course, bring the passion of the sport to their own car selection.When it comes to sports models, we have to mention luoyang Auchan X5 sports edition.The van has both a sporty look and a powerful turbine.It has a major disadvantage among young people.In the shape of the designer, Luoyang Auchan X5 sport version and Luoyang Auchan X5 usually version of both similarities, but also a small difference.First of all, Luoyang Auchan X5 sport version follows the freight structure of this car, and also uses the designer idea of “plastic light philosophy”.Under the light and sweet outline, the freight shows a detailed level of color and color, and the visual effect is “exquisite”.