How should cerebral thrombus patient eat?

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It happens very suddenly, it happens on one side of the upper limb, and then within a few hours or a day or two there is a neurological disorder that affects the rest of the limb.After the onset of cerebral thrombosis patients usually do not appear have a headache, vomiting, these symptoms of intracranial pressure, larger artery occlusion, a few days later, would be a secondary brain edema, making symptoms continue to deteriorate, leading to problems to the patient’s consciousness, when the brain edema is very serious, can make the patients life safety.1, cerebral thrombosis type 1, ischemic stroke: 90% of the stroke is ischemic stroke mainly due to the stenosis or obstruction of blood vessels supplying the brain blood flow, blood flow is significantly reduced.Thrombus: thrombosis in one cerebral artery, arteriosclerosis in the forming part of the blood vessels, generally in the two internal carotid arteries, but also in the neck or other arteries in the brain.Embolism: The formation of a clot in a blood vessel outside the brain, usually in the heart, through the bloodstream, and eventually lodged in a narrow artery in the brain.This blood clot is called a thrombus.Most often caused by irregular beats in the heart’s two atria (atrial fibrillation), an abnormality in the heart’s rhythm that can cause blood in the heart to form clots and migrate to other parts of the body.2. Hemorrhagic stroke: It occurs when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures and bleeds.Uncontrolled high blood pressure, hemangiomas, etc., can lead to hemorrhagic shock.Less common are arteriovenous malformations, which can be congenital.Intracranial hemorrhage: Rupture of a blood vessel in the brain, causing blood to flow into the brain tissue.Surrounding brain tissue is damaged due to compression, and some brain tissue is damaged due to insufficient blood supply.High blood pressure is the most common cause.Over time, high blood pressure can lead to weak blood vessels in the brain that are prone to rupture.Subarachnoid hemorrhage: Hemorrhage occurs in blood vessels on the surface of the brain. Blood mainly collects between the skull cavity and the brain.The stroke, which begins with a sudden lightening headache, is often caused by a ruptured hemangioma, which can be congenital or develop with age.Blood vessels spasm after hemorrhage, which can lead to ischemia and further vasospasm.Transient ischemic stroke: Also known as mini-stroke, is a stroke that occurs briefly.It is mainly caused by a temporary reduction in blood flow to the brain. Most TRANSIENT ischemic attacks last less than five minutes.A transient ischemic attack means a partially blocked or narrowed artery in the brain, making it easy to have another stroke.It’s often hard to tell whether it’s a stroke or a TIA just based on the symptoms, and about half of those who disappear already have brain damage.Two, got cerebral thrombus to eat what good?1. The staple food of patients with cerebral thrombosis should be mainly cereal, with the weight and weight matching. The ingredients such as corn, oat and oat can be increased in the rougher grain to keep the carbohydrate heating amount accounting for more than 55% of the calories, that is to say, patients with cerebral thrombosis must eat enough carbohydrates.2, dietary ingredients should reduce saturated fatty acids, increase unsaturated fatty acids (such as margarine instead of butter, skim milk instead of whole milk), saturated fatty acids heating does not exceed 10% of the total calories, monounsaturated fatty acids account for 10-15% of the total calories, polyunsaturated fatty acids account for 7-10% of the calories.3, the diet of patients with cerebral thrombosis must maintain a balanced allocation of calories, the hunger and satiety of patients with cerebral thrombosis should not be excessive, and patients with cerebral thrombosis should develop a good eating habit, partial eating, overeating or stuffed meal, dinner and night snack before falling asleep bad habits are to get rid of.4, in the structure of animal food, increase the animal food with low fatty acid and high protein, such as: fish, poultry, lean meat, etc., reduce the fat of land animals, and finally make the intake of animal protein account for 20% of the total daily intake of protein, and the daily total fat calories do not exceed 30% of the total calories.Warm reminder: Jinan Yuanda Traditional Chinese Medicine Brain Health Hospital is a professional, scientific research in one of the psychiatric diagnosis and treatment hospital in Shandong Province.Hospital in the treatment of stubborn sex insomnia, depression, schizophrenia, hysteria, hypochondriasis, diseases such as neurasthenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, phobia, and intractable headache, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, trigeminal neuralgia, swallowing neuralgia, facial paralysis, brain diseases such as cerebrovascular sequela accumulated rich clinical experience.If you or your friends suffer from mental or neurological diseases, do not delay diagnosis and take medicine at will, should go to a regular hospital in time, so as not to delay the illness, causing serious consequences.If you have more questions, you can call the free consultation number: 400-1616-120 or add the wechat public number JNYDNKYY for consultation. 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