Breast-feeding treasure mother, when should help the baby quit night milk?

2022-04-24 0 By

Since has chosen the breastfeeding, the treasure mom often for nursing in anxiety, small months baby feeding every day many times, often in 2-3 minutes need to drink milk at a time, the day was fine, but at night, the night milk “frequent, let more people have a headache, just thinking about the night milk is broken, can look back at the thought, and worry about the baby hungry, constantly night milk,It’s hard to choose to be a sleeper.So today we are going to learn what conditions can be cut off night milk, how to cut off?First of all, we need to understand the frequency of baby night milk, how many times is normal?Different months will have different times of night milk, relatively speaking, the younger the month, the more times of night milk.For newborn babies, 1-7 times is normal, with the increase of month age, night milk frequency is less and less.Secondly, know what time to drink milk called night milk?Many mothers (including me before, haha ~) think that night milk is called between 0 am and 7 am. In fact, night milk refers to the milk that the baby drinks from sleeping to waking up the next day.Finally, let’s take a look at when you can try a night milk break.1. Babies drink milk not to fill them up, but to comfort them.At this point, many mothers will ask: How can I tell if my baby is feeding or comforting?If your baby is constantly waking up and rubbing against you for milk after a short feeding, it’s probably for comfort.Bao Ma thinks night milk affects her sleep too much.Many precious mothers feed during the day and need to continue to feed at night, and sleep is relatively shallow, which will seriously affect their sleep. If the precious mother needs to return to work after the end of maternity leave, it will be more difficult to work during the day and still need night milk at night.For example, at the beginning, I chose to feed my baby, and my baby’s sleep was reversed, so I needed to stay up all day and night, which was very hard. Later, I chose to feed my baby during the day, and let the baby’s father help to feed milk powder at night. I just needed to wake up the baby’s father to prepare milk powder when the baby woke up, so that I could feel more relaxed.Today we learned about the number of times of night milk and the basic principles of giving up night milk at different ages of babies. Do you have any experiences you want to share with us on the way of nursing?