National-level athletes have taken part in the fight against COVID-19

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(Meldang Heni, media reporter) The epidemic is merciless and human beings have feelings.During the epidemic prevention and control period, in Hesuo County, a famous “angel White”, “guardian Blue” and “olive Green” rushed to the front at the first time, and young “volunteer red” also gathered quickly to fill the gap of community epidemic prevention personnel.In hoxud county town of my rick bright qingshui river farm there is a call center community Ma Hailin volunteers, 00 after he selected by the national cross-country ski team in 2017, became a formal national player, several years in size and the numerous MEDALS, due to the outstanding, achievement is outstanding, in June of 2019 went to Norway with the national team training,Affected by the epidemic, she returned to China in September 2021 to prepare for the Winter Olympic Games. In December 2021, she won the third place in the total score of the Shanghai International Cross-country Skiing Competition.He told reporters that although he had been abroad for many years, he missed his hometown very much.On March 29, Mahailin returned to his hometown of Hesuo County. He planned to reunite with his parents for a few days before returning to train with the national team, but the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted his game plan.”Sister, I want to be a volunteer in our area. I haven’t been at home for so many years. I also want to do something for my neighbors.These were the words Maherin sent to nurgu Tusun, a community worker, after hearing from his father that the community was looking for volunteers.”It’s my duty as a national team player to be on the front line at times like this,” he told reporters.”Everyone stand open point, don’t worry, for their own and others’ safety and health have to keep a distance of more than one meter……”Light in my rick town center of qingshui river farm community nucleic acid patch, volunteers Ma Hailin nucleic acid is leading, evacuation to do sampling of the masses, maintain the order, the original chaotic team under the guidance of Ma Hailin, soon became a everybody intervals of more than one meter eight neat lines, has a favorable review community cadres and the masses of citizens.Nurgu Tuxun, a community leader at the Guangming Center in Tewulik Town, Hesuo County, said:”Particularly short of people in the community, Ma Hailin is my area, when he WeChat told me he wanted to be a volunteer when I was touched, these days he has been to help us do all the work, whether the nucleic acid detection, or services residents crowd, he is always very active and work in our community really helped a lot.”In this volunteer activity, In addition to assisting epidemic prevention workers and nucleic acid collection at night, Ma Was also responsible for the management and coordination of residents in his area, policy explanation, information statistics, environmental eradication and other work during the day.”Aunt Wu, you want the food I brought you, you come out to take it, by the way, the garbage out of the house, I help you throw it away.”Knocking on doors and Shouting at residents with two large bags of groceries, Maherin recalls playing the role of “delivery man” more than 100 times in five days.”These volunteers take good care of us elderly people and provide a lot of thoughtful service. I really appreciate them!””Resident Wu Yongqiong said.Maherin said, “I used to see volunteers working tirelessly, and I thought they were very hard. After joining this volunteer activity, I realized that the volunteers and medical staff have worked much harder than I expected.As a volunteer, as a youth, as the most active, active and vibrant force in society, these are all what I should do, and I hope that more people will participate in volunteer service and make their own contribution to epidemic prevention and control.”Epidemic prevention and control, walk with love.This group of young people put on “red armor”, in the silent battlefield for love running, through the streets to ensure the needs of residents, guard their homes behind them.We have built a strong synergy to defeat the epidemic with love, and injected strength into the epidemic prevention and control work with concrete actions.