Hefei, Anhui: the community is my home, the environment depends on everyone

2022-04-23 0 By

This network security micro news (correspondent Xu Fuzhi editor Xu Zhixin) In February 13, 2022, The Chinese Red Vanguard volunteers in Hefei, Anhui Province, came to Baohe District Jiang Qi Sancun community, “community is my home environment depends on everyone” activities.At nine o ‘clock in the morning, the security captain received volunteers at the gate of sancun community, also prepared a broom, bucket, cloth and other tools, repeatedly said “thank you!Thank you.”With a clear division of labor, led by the national model workers, we actively engaged in the work: one part wiped the elderly activity equipment, railings, chairs and so on, and there was a long cultural corridor, working very carefully.Part of the cleaning corridor, green belt leaves and garbage.After more than 3 hours of hard work, the community environment clean, look brand-new.”You did a great job, thank you!”A citizen passing by on his way to work asked, “How can I join you? I want to join you too.”Micro-public welfare offers warmth, influences and drives more caring people to actively participate in it, inspires others with heart and affection, and spreads the love of micro-public welfare across the whole Country.Participants (in no particular order) : Xu Fuzhi, Samurai Xin, Song Yezhu, Song Yuliang, Zhang Youlan, Liu Yishun, Zai Kaixia, Qian Yuxian, Wu Yanfang, Yang Yuanqiu, Xu Minjie, Chen Taijin, Yao Yanquan, Hu Ju, Fang CAI, a total of 15 people.(Photo by Liu Yishun and Yao Yanquan)