Dali Village neihuang County out of more than 20 doctors and masters, the village has trained more than 200 college students

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Henan daily rural version of dispatch (reporter correspondent of qin fang zhi-wen he) on February 8, neihuang u.s.-chinese relations tuen rural village of Dali college and graduate students of more than 20, 2021 students and parents came to the village committee compound, in succession to the village at the “success, our bank, you are more line” u.s.-chinese relations rural village of Dali 17th college students ta report.Report on the meeting, representatives of the village in 2021 and was admitted to the university students, henan university student He Hongchao, henan university of science and technology vocational students hessler, north university student Chen Feng and zhengzhou economic and trade college ss rank – very hard, with “Thanksgiving with my heart” the ta report incentive motivational my schooling “study hard, achievement dream”, “to be grateful Chasing the dream “pep report.Combined with the actual situation of the students, the report described their hard study experience, shared the joy and successful experience of entering the university, and thanked their parents for their hard upbringing and teachers for their hard cultivation.Moving, inspiring, empowering and hopeful, it has inspired and educated everyone here and online.”Listen to the big brother big sister’s speech on the stage is very moved, I will take my brother and sister as an example, study hard, in the future also admitted to the university to become the country’s useful talent, win honor for parents, win honor for the hometown” Dali village primary school fifth grade student Si Yanuo said.Shitun village Dali village college students teaching report since 2005 launched, has been held 17 sessions, each session of the organization that year new college students focus on their parents wearing red flowers, Thanksgiving parents raise;Invite university student representative inspirational report, tell the story of their growth and success, encourage the village of primary and secondary school students from an early age to establish lofty ideals, reading to become a talent, Thanksgiving hometown, return to society.By the end of 2021, Dali village students admitted to the university of Louisiana, xi ‘an jiaotong university, Shanghai jiaotong university, nankai university, tianjin university and other international and domestic well-known institutions of higher learning over 20 master’s graduate students and doctoral students, admitted to tsinghua university, Beijing normal university, Harbin industrial university, zhengzhou university and other colleges and universities students’ 200,This village with only 505 families has become a famous educational and cultural village in Neihuang County.Editor: Lao Qin