China Aneng Second Engineering Bureau has obtained the general contracting qualification of water conservancy and hydropower construction

2022-04-23 0 By

China Infrastructure News (Xu Yinghua) On March 23, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a notice on the qualification list of the second batch of construction engineering enterprises in 2022. China Anneng Second Engineering Bureau received the special grade qualification of general contracting of water conservancy and hydropower projects, becoming the only enterprise with special grade qualification of water conservancy and hydropower projects in Jiangxi province.Water resources and hydropower engineering construction general contracting qualification, is the highest level of water resources and hydropower engineering construction general contracting sequence, extremely rigorous conditions and audit process, its declaration to enterprise’s credit ability, talent team, scientific and technological progress and information management, project performance, social responsibility has a clear requirement.Over the years, the engineering Bureau has participated in the construction of more than 200 major water conservancy and hydropower projects, such as Foziling, Meishan and Chencun hydropower stations in Anhui province, Wanan in Jiangxi province, Baoquan in Henan Province and Yanghu in Xizang Province. It is a meritorious unit for participating in the construction of the Three Gorges Project, west-east power transmission, west-east gas transmission, south-north water diversion and Qinghai-Tibet Network.It has contracted to build 70% of the generating units in Tibet and 60% of the water conservancy projects in Xinjiang.In recent years, China Aneng Second Engineering Bureau has successfully passed the national High-tech enterprise certification and obtained the qualification of provincial enterprise technology center.It has obtained 40 national patents and 27 provincial and ministerial construction methods.Xiajiang Water Conservancy Project in Jiangxi province has won luban Award for construction and Zhan Tianyou Award for civil engineering. Hongping Pumped Storage Power Station in Jiangxi province has won gold Award for National High Quality Project. Zaoshi Water Conservancy Project in Hunan Province and Chaozhou Water Supply Project in Guangdong Province have won Dayu Award for water conservancy project.Marked the premium quality of water resources and hydropower engineering acquired Ann can second chance of development to a new level, at this point, which can undertake water conservancy and hydropower engineering’s level engineering construction general contracting, engineering general contracting and project management business, will greatly promote China can second board market development ability and development level, improve the chance of core competence in the field of construction,It is of great significance for the company’s transformation, upgrading, reform and development.At present, China can be divided two innings with water resources and hydropower engineering general contracting qualification, also both construction engineering construction general contracting, municipal utilities engineering item 2 class aptitude and airport ChangDao, power transmission and transformation engineering, foundation engineering, highway road, building decoration engineering, lifting equipment installation project 6 items one professional contracting qualification,Geotechnical engineering, concrete engineering, mechanical and electrical three grade A testing qualifications, installation (repair, test) power facilities permit level 1, water conservancy safety production standardization level 1.Follow-up, which will be according to the industry development direction and strategic planning, by strengthening the ability of analysis and design of qualifications, in accordance with the “market, increase qualification” principle, the combination of construction performance of new business areas collection and personnel qualification exam forensics training, improve the ability of industry of qualification certification and upgrade, further improve qualifications, credit rating, and brand effect.