1.25 Changan Auchan X7plus has a more fashionable appearance design

2022-04-23 0 By

Changan Auchan X7plus was first unveiled during the Shanghai Auto Show this year, and will be launched globally on October 17, 2021. The official price range is 7.99-133,900 yuan. The car is positioned as its compact flagship product, and compared with the original Auchan X7, Changan Auchan X7plus has a more stylish appearance design.Changan Auchan X7plus front face with large size of the intake grille, officially known as “double double grille star Vast” is very fashionable, in addition, it also uses split type large lamp group, the upper LED headlights and the intake grille integration, the whole looks more recognizable.The side of the body is still wind speed cloud like modeling design, 19 inch aero turbine hub highlights a good sports atmosphere.The through-through rear taillights make the whole car look slimmer and more dynamic.